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  1. Thank you for this! Informative B+ here so.......... *deep breath* *fingers crossed*
  2. BJMC, I have Raynauds, and it can be perplexing at times because you don't THINK it's "cold enough" to warrant the color changes. But from my experience it doesn't take much. I'm in an air-conditioned house set at 78degrees, and it can happen. Earlier this season I was in 90 degree pool temps and YEP, cold and white. I try to address it asap when it happens, as it is an indication of decreased blood flow, IMO the longer you decreased blood flow it may /can lead to other things (ulcers?) You can try warming them up with a heating pad, rubbing hands together or doing windmills with your
  3. Hi Tony It was a long time ago I was given steroids, I don't recall the dose. It was well before any diagnosis, tho. But what I've learned and is echoed by others is that steroid use with Sclero is risky. You should be monitored (from what I understand) for kidney involvement/ complications. I am currently on methotrexate as my symptoms could not be managed, pain gastrointestinal issues and fatigue. Now a year later I'm doing much better with all symptoms sans fatigue, although my tolerance for activity has improved.
  4. Carmella, hi sorry you are experiencing this. Not a doctor, but had lower arm itching for about a year with thickness. Doctors at the time didn't think it was related , went to a dermatologist. Treatment not successful with script cream and allergy meds. This was pre diagnosis of CREST but being monitored for some kind of autoimmune. Once on methotrexate for severe joint pain fatigue etc all symptoms improved including skin. So was my skin irritation itching related? Looking back I think so.
  5. Hi there, new to the forum. Recently diagnosed with CREST. Swelling of hands, increase in carpel tunnel symptoms and in both hands vs just right and one finger experiencing Raynaud's. This was 7 years ago before autoimmune was in the picture. Had carpel release and if your doctor recommends (if severe symptoms ask/insist on considering procedure) I would say do it. Hands more swollen now and probably would be unusable at this stage if not for surgery. Had prednisone early on for swelling carpel pain, looking back I shouldn't have taken it. It threw me into a crisis, f
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