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  1. Hi Jo, Yes, I am being treated there and the doctor there is the one who advised that I am not clinically diagnosed with Scleroderma because I do not show any symptoms. He thinks it was a false/positive diagnosis from the previous doctor. He said just because your SCL70 ANA is high does not always mean you have it. I am just assuming that 'maybe' this is early signs of it and what you feel prior to the cells in your face changing. That is why I was asking do people actually feel something before your face gets affected? This doctor does not seem to think this is related a
  2. I have been diagnosed with Scleroderma a few months ago due to high SCL70 ANA levels. That rheumatologist immediately put me on cell-cept without even having any physical signs of scleroderma. All my pulmonary tests were fine and I do not have any visible skin issues. I went to another doctor for a second opinion and he advised that there is no clinical evidence of scleroderma other than abnormal SCL70 ANA levels and advised me to stop taking this medication. The only thing I have been feeling is a tightness/strange sensation in my face for a few months now. Can someone tell me what the
  3. Hi Joe2, Has anything improved your myositis? I too am feeling muscle fatigue in one arm that just came on suddenly. Recently noticed muscle atrophy in my calfs. I too was very fit and my leg muscles were my best attribute. It is crazy because I have not had any symptoms of scleroderma as I was recently diagnosed and coincidentally since I started taking Cellcept I started feeling all kinds of issues to my muscles (spasms & atrophy) and nerves. I just think it is odd that all these symptoms have came about shortly after my diagnosis and put on Cellcept.
  4. Thank you! I don't know if you are the founder of this site but I think it is very admirable of you to provide a forum for us to feel supported. it means a lot to me to at least release what I am feeling even if no-one responds. I was recently diagnosed and sometimes feel hopeless and alone and don't know who to turn to because no-one really understands how afraid I really feel. I am wondering if I need to be put on anxiety meds but don't want to mix drugs but feel really depressed lately since I have feeling some weird symptoms with this diagnosis. Thank you again!! :>
  5. Has any anyone experienced extreme crepey skin with systemic scleroderma? I know it effects your tissues and assuming it is effecting my collagen but I feel this is suddenly happening all over my arms and legs and looks awful. Is there a way to reverse or get rid of it? It is also making me lose muscle mass. Any treatment that could help this? It is pretty scary at the rate this is happening. Thanks!
  6. I am new to this site and newly diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma. As probably everyone of you, I have a million questions. About 2 months ago I saw some excessive hair loss and decided to go to the dermatologist who then referred me to a rheumatologist based on my high ANA numbers, where I was confirmed with Systemic Scleroderma. My doctor ordered internal functional tests as well as an endoscopy since I have had GERD for many years. All tests came back good, GI doctor found intestinal metaplasia. He gave me pantoprazole and said to come back in a year for another endoscopy. Fou
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