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  1. Thank you Joelf! Have you ever tried TPE yourself? It may be hard to convince doctors prescribe TPE, but do you think regular plasma donation may be some sort of "light version" of TPE? Unlike TPE, plasma donation is much easier to accomplish. Do you think in case when TPE is impossible plasma donation is better than nothing? Best regards,
  2. Hello, Has anyone from this thread tried TPE as a treatment option? Do you still see that as a promising option, or your opinion changed since the last post? I want to convince my doctor to try that on me to see if that can help with my CREST and constant fatigue. If you are interested I can post my experience here. Best regards, Tony
  3. Hi Mary Sara, Thank you for the answer! Does methotrexate help you with fatigue a lot? I have a several issues related to CREST too but the most annoying are extreme fatigue and cognitive problems.
  4. Hi Joelf, Thank you! This forum and website overall is the real treasure! So much information doctors never have time to explain :) I think it's a bit offtopic to this thread, but not sure where to better ask for that: could you recommend some comprehensive literature (book or collection of articles) that explains all biological pathways involved in pathological scleroderma processes?
  5. Hi Mary Sara! I'm prescribed with prednisone for CREST now too. I'm wondering, what was the dosage you've had? Current rheumatologist prescribed me 30mg per day, I think that's quite high one.
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