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  1. Many Thanks Jo. I've just read the abstract of the article and it will certainly make for interesting reading this evening. It seems quite complex to tease out with lots of overlap between so many conditions (Scleroderma alone seems complex!) I certainly have huge respect for those managing the condition. Thank you also for the links in your post and for the advice. Unfortunately, I don't live near any of the specialists listed so just need to decide whether to take all the intense medications the doctor recommended (because it might be scleroderma), or keep on with the 'poss
  2. I'm wondering whether anyone has seen any studies on similarities between the two (I know, it would have been quick to get research done and published!) Last spring I was really ill, now the Covid symptoms have been updated it may have been that as I had the muscle aches, joint pain, shortness of breath, loss of taste/smell? Developed a rash rising up my legs, painful finger tips that then cracked (deep) and the skin on my palms thickened and peeled. I was also very tired, etc. Towards the end of the year I had some tests at the hospital positive ANA PM-SCL. The clin
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