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  1. When pet is indifferent to food

    We just went through the same thing with out dog, he drives me nuts because he always races to the closet his food is in everytime he hears that door open & he would eat all day long if we let him. He had HORRIBLE breath (forever it seemed) but I decided one day to switch his food brand up a bit, well, he was good with that but a couple MONTHS later, he started turning his nose to it (weird, like with your dog), all else seemed fine. Then he started getting quiet and clingy so I took him in, SAME THING as your dog, abdominal pain & lower back pain. We did an x-ray & lab work... didn't see anything but liver enzymes were all whacked (which could mean a million things) He ended up staying at the vet for a few days & was on steroids & anti-biotics, then came home & finished the antibiotics out. He would only eat canned food (& he inhaled it) I gradually worked him back to the hard food. A couple weeks of the hard food & he started turning his nose again SO... I went back to my original brand & all is well...haha. It took him a couple weeks to get better after he finished anti-biotics, he is now back to irratating me again. Please keep us posted!
  2. Confused and relieved all in one...

    Thank you for your support. Same rheumatologist as before, he did not say to come back, just that he'd send my doctor his recommendations. I just can NOT believe he says Fibromyalgia! The only pain is from the muscles spastic stuff (which was a side affect of the overdose of Adderall) & joint pain when my skin is taut... there is occasional pain but more nuisance & not requiring pain relief. The only tiredness also was from the overdose of Adderall & went away after stopping adderall. I definitely do not want, nor would ask for, a diagnosis from someone other than a physician, just opinions... I mean, I don't need opinions on pics I guess, since I know what is there, but I just meant so you could all see what he refused to acknowledge. I just need to know from that doctor; if he thinks what he saw in the pictures was a "performance for the camera" so to speak, then I for sure need a second opinion, if he believes my pics to be real and definitely not sclero is his answer, I can trust him. Your support means so much, this does really stink. I want someone else to deal with this & think about it... I don't want to play anymore! :P HAha... you know what I mean...
  3. Went "Riding" for My Husband

    Wow! That must've been difficult, and obviously the ride itself isn't the only difficult part, but it is the anticipation all day & the pain, etc., afterward... it is an all day thing I imagine! I'm glad you were able to get something out of it as well, feel that it was worth it.
  4. Retirement

    That's great that it has come through. That is nothing I have ever had to deal with, but I can imagine the relief it must bring!
  5. Hello all...

    I'm sorry you're dealing with so much pain! The thing about pain that frustrates me is that sometimes, to me anyways, it seemed like there was no end in site or wondering IF there was an end to it, would it ever go away or let up, you know? Anyways, I hope that the Lyrca starts working better for you. I used to have chronic pain, when all my other symptoms started a couple years ago, but several months of Relafen got rid of it...I know that is really lucky. Hang in there, I hope you have a nice day too!
  6. Edema...how long did it take?

    well, for example, when I lean my lef on something for a few seconds, it would leave a big dent where my lef was leaning on the table & the dent would be there hours later, or the first time it happened, I leaned on a plastic ladder & the tiny words molded into it were still on my leg, a couple hours later. You could push my eyebrows up with your finger for about 30 seconds & they would stay up, or I could just push on my skin some where for a few seconds with my thumb & it would leave a thumb print. It's fun!
  7. Update on Lisa (Peanut) from Best Friend

    Wow! That is such awesome news! She is an inspiration to me, when I feel like hockey-poo, I am reminded of Lisa's strength & it not only makes me straighten up a bit, but it actually lifts my spirits because it also reminds me of how much better she is doing now. I'm really excited for her and I haven't even spoken with her before!
  8. Suzie aka: Sadie

    Thank you for letting us know. 36 is so young, and she was so upbeat in her posts throughout her fight...which amazes me... I mean she just exuded peace & joy in her posts, as well as her courage & strength. My thoughts are with her family & friends here & at home.
  9. Suzie aka: Sadie

    I'm glad she is resting peacefully, that is good to know.
  10. Edema...how long did it take?

    I know they say "non-pitting" edema, so maybe mine was indirectly related at first... I had pitting edema, then just plain old edema/puffiness, it has bee about 2 years since the edema started & my skin is thickening everywhere, is tight on toes, soles of feet, calves, armpits, knees, face, & hands.
  11. Question about Sclero & Parkinson's

    Hi there, sorry you're dealing with more stuff, it is frustrating when things get added onto what we already deal with! I recently had been dealing with lots of tremors & shaking & all sorts of things that looked like Parkinson's, come to find out (& I figured it out myself, my Neuro was sending me to a University doctor) my body suddenly quit tolerating the Adderall XR I've been taking for a few years, so I have unknowingly been overdosing myself on it! At least that appears to be the case; as soon as I stopped it, the symptoms all have gotten much better. Taking any G.I. alkalinizing agent can amplify the amphetamines in the Adderall, increasing blood levels. So, food for thought if you're taking a combination of anything like that! I hope your doctor gets to the bottom of things for you quickly & you start feeling better!
  12. As a regular, I am new to this forum & the first post I read from you Sadie was an update on how Hospice has been. As I read posts, I always have this image in my mind of what the person looks like, and with your post that day; I imagined this beautiful woman with a radiating smile, exuding this peace that rubs off on others, in a post none the less, without having to be here in person to make that happen. I didn't have to read everyone else's posts today to know how much you will be missed & I've only just met you. Your braveness & courage is an inspiration to me, and just like the happiness & peace that rubbed off on me when I read that first post, I know all I'll have to do is think of you to feel it again. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!
  13. A little frightened

    Waiting is no fun I tell ya! Is your follow up appt. for the results on Aug. 4 or is that when the CT is scheduled for? I've never had anything like that, it sounds like you've goten lots of feedback from some here that have. Hang in there & keep us posted!
  14. Update on my condition

    I've only been out of bed a half hour & after reading all that I'm tired again! No just kidding, but seriously, that is a busy week & Happy Birthday to you! I don't like having a lot of appts. in a week either, especialy when I've got little ones, I think you mentioned that you have kids as well. Last week I had the dentist, Neurologist (EMG), & a Barium Swallow... ahhhh time to sit back! Take care of yourself & rest up!
  15. Stepping on my own toes

    Seriously though, on my left foot, I don't know why, but my toe next to my pinky toe keeps getting stepped on...like the pad of that toe is under the toe next to it & it pinches! I keep trying to walk different to avoid it, try shoes, no shoes.... it isn't working. What's the deal? Do some people have the sclerodactyly more on their feet than hands? I have never seen my feet so wrinkle free from the ankles down. I used to have grooves in my heels (a year ago) but those are even smoothed out now but my hands are not that bad.
  16. Stepping on my own toes

    Hey thanks... I think I have an idea... it seems like that toe just doesn't work, the end of the toe is a blob & it is practically limp or something, it is weird, it feels like when I walk, that toe gets shoved where ever, no resistance. I see the rheumatologist on the 30th.
  17. Muscle Weakness Update

    That's great that your doctor is being thorough & treating you...it is good to have answers! I am anxiously awaiting an appointment with my rheumatologist as well, I hope he is as thorough!
  18. Update on Lisa (Peanut) from Best Friend

    Wow! What great news, so many awesome progresses and sleeping through the night is huge in so many ways. I know sleep does wonders for the healing process. Thank you for the updates!
  19. Muscle weakness or aches?

    I would for sure talk to your rheumatologist about it like others have mentioned. Hopefully he'll be able to help out. Yes, my shoulder blades/upper back & upper arms tremble when I am working at the computer, my shoulders do if I am laying on my stomach & resting on my elbows. It feels like my shoulders are tight, the range of motion, so when my arms are forward, resting on the desk I get burnt out or something.... I don't know. My mouth trembles sometimes when I try to smile or talk, and my left thumb & right leg will jump periodically... sometimes for no apparent reason (not at the same time) & othertimes in response to any noise or voice that normally wouldn't be the least bit startling. Lastly...lol, often when I lay down in bed at night, my muscles & tendons don't just relax into the mattress, I instead jerk into a relaxed postion... it isn't a smooth or immediate transition. So yeah... seems lots of us have some muscle issues. Talk to your rheumatologist... I'm curious what they have to say. I'd read that Polymyositis link too... I'm going to.

    My primary care physician nurse just called & said that the Radiologist's report (from Tuesday's barium swallow) said esophageal motility dysfunction & CREST & referall back to rheumatologist. I wondered if he studies those further than watching the test because immediately after he said he didn't see much. Anyways, what a relief... bittersweet one, but I have known long enough now that it isn't news to me anymore, just a relief that maybe some will stop with the "you look fine" & "you're always going to the dr." stuff. Of course, with the way this stuff goes, I'll go to the rheumatologist & he'll say something completely different...lol.

    I don't know that they make a CREST diagnosis from just a b.swallow, but he asked me if I had Raynaud's & stuff & we talked a minute about my symptoms after he performed the test, so I think that is how he came to that.
  22. Scleroderma Causes

    What about PVC? I don't know how much exposure you have to have, but I had read the polyvinyl chloride thing before & blew it off thinking I'd never been exposed to chemicals I don't think... BUT I worked for a few years in a auto factory, making visors which are... PVC. Putting them together & heat sealing them... I quit that job 12 years ago, could that make a difference <10 years after the fact (when this all started)? I worked with those plus in the other part of the building (not closed off from my side) was "molding" where they made all the plastic parts. I also worked with the cardboard like visors which were sealed with heat & some glue I think...can't recall. And lastly I put together tons of the vanities that go in visors.
  23. Barium swallow

    So, my Dr. hasn't said I have Ssc, but he ordered a barium swallow because I keep having problems swallowing or stuff feeling like it is just sitting in the back of my throat & at night when laying down, it goes up my nose & then burns the next day like it would if you choked on water in a pool. Anyway, first thing the Radiologist says when he walks in the room is, "Scleroderma huh?" I'm like, "What?" He repeats as he looks down at my chart, "You have Scleroderma?" I told him I don't know, I have symptoms of, but a negative ANA. He said that happens & that Scleroderma is often hard to diagnose. Anyways, Thankfully the test looked pretty good while he was doing it, I don't know if he looks at it more later or not. He said just a little bit of something going on, I don't remember what word but I'm guessing it was something along the lines of reflux. My confusion is that I asked him then if he had any suggestions as to what could be causing stuff to go up my nose, that I can't swallow down, while I'm laying down... He says, "Well usually when a patient compains of that symptom we see it right away but I just didn't see it." So NOW what?? It just made me want to cry... I mean, it isn't that horrible of a symptom because it isn't every single night I have to deal with it.... but it's the stinkin' story of my life the 2 years... how can it not show up?!?!? Maybe it is coming from my sinuses? Argh.
  24. Barium swallow

    As always, you all come through for me with the best support & it makes me teary! I had such a bad night on Tuesday night, my day stunk...being tired from no sleep & pain & spasms didn't help... the EMG was incredibly painful but came back with good results...I liked that part. THEN, I went to the Dentist (HOORAY FOR GOOD DR.s) & I smashed one of my spazzy toes on a curb & pulled the nail back... I went to sleep last night with it still spasming & throbbing. MOST EXCITEMENT ALL WEEK...LOL BUT the good news is that when the dentist got done working on my teeth, he asked his assistant for a ruler, I was practically crossing my fingers hoping he could see what I felt when he worked on me. He did, & said he was putting it in my chart so that when I come back in 6 months he can compare. I was hoping that he could see what I was feeling when he cleaned my teeth; Last time I was at the dentist, pulling on my lower lip didn't pull my nose down, practically closing one side off...lol. I am taking protonix, after trying prilosec. I will get another pillow for sure & not eating in the evening is something I need to stop doing anyways so this just gives me an extra reason. THANK YOU!!!!
  25. Looking for a Doctor In Connecticut

    Welcome! I'm so sorry you're going through all this stuff, it is bad enough not knowing what is going on, but then to have Dr.s go back & forth with diagnosises on top of that is even tougher. I heard there was a Scleroderma center or something in Mass. Maybe that's where Lisa's is. I was JUST in Boston too a few weeks ago...wish I'd of known ahead of time I'd of tried to make an appt. WAY in advance...lol. Hang in there!