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  1. Getting married...

    yeah I figure that's going to happen I might lose medicare benefits since I am very young & can get a covered medical insurance from my future husband if he has health insurance.
  2. Getting married...

    That was nice! Congratulations! that's a good blessing from up above.
  3. Getting married...

    Hi there, I am 28 years old and thinking about getting married. Is this going to affect my medicare insurance or social security benefits?
  4. Jobs

    Hi Elehos, Send me PM I'd love to hear the details what you've been doing. Great! I appreciate it. graywolf
  5. Jobs

    Hi there! how are you all? hope all is well. I just want to ask if anyone knows what kind of jobs does the sclero patients can do for living? I am bored here at home want to check something what I can do to make money and pay for my existing medical bills that I have. Diagnosed with lupus, Scleroderma, Raynaud's, and ILD.
  6. Disability Approved

    Thanks to ya'll reply. I think that's why I got it fast, depends on the lawyer holding your case and especially the full support of your physician/specialist. It is on the doctor I believe. Need a lot of patience too and faith. We got to remember patience is a virtue. For those who still getting disability, goodluck! Graywolf ;)
  7. Disability Approved

    Hey Guys, My disability has been approved. I filed last June 2006 just got it this March 2007. Now don't need to worry seeing my rheumatologist frequently. I am thrilled. Graywolf :D
  8. Water Aerobics

    Hi I forgot to ask if the pool water safe for patients with autoimmune disease?
  9. Water Aerobics

    Thanks Jackie. I hope water aerobics will really help. My Aunt that has discoid lupus suggested that I can try Yoga. But seems kindda boring to me.
  10. Breathing Prolems

    Hi Ced, I experience that feeling also. I was diagnose Lupus and Scleroderma which they call it an overlap. I have the lung involvement that causes me to have a shortness of breath sometimes. Graywolf :mellow:
  11. Water Aerobics

    I woud love to hear from you about the class.^_^
  12. Water Aerobics

    Thanks to you all. Sounds very interesting. I will do it. Been feeling depressed lately because I am always here in the house. :mellow:
  13. Water Aerobics

    Is water aerobics/exercise good for scleroderma/lupus patients? I am planning to join the program. Do you all think that this is a good benefit? ;)
  14. Got My Disability Today

    :D Congratulations! glad you got it! that was fast though. in my case, I filed last year about month of July and then got denied. Then I filed for an appeal with a help of a lawyer but now still pending hoping I will get it soon. The medical bills are hurting me. I was diagnosed overlap lupus and scleroderma. I have Raynaud's also just found out that I have pulmonary fibrosis.