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  1. Anyone have any experience or information about the relationship of having silicone implants and the onset of scleroderma? I know this is a long standing controversy and some doctors admit there might be a link and others say no. This battle has been going on for the last 20 years. They were recently approved for cosmetic use, prior, only for reconstruction. So the doctors that put them in for augmentation say No way! I had breast cancer in 2000 and had a mastectomy with reconstruction. I started having symptoms of scleroderma in 2006. Just wondering. It would be a big step to have then
  2. Anyone had a port a cath device inserted for iv's and blood draws? I sufffer from GAVE which causes me to have weekly blood draws, weekly iron infusions and monthly endoscopies with laser. I find the worse part of all these procedures is the inability of the nurses or even doctors to find a vein to draw blood or insert an IV. They stick me numerous times. Last time they had to resort to my neck which was not even successful! My Hematologist thought it would not be a good choice for me since I have alot of skin involvement and wound healing would be a problem. Debra
  3. Hi Shelly & Sheryl- Thanks for the web links to spell check. I just assumed that since misspelled words were underlined in red that there was a spell check. I'm such a terrible speller and of course I want to make a good impression with my new friends. This such a wonderful website. Thank you ALL for jumping in to give me such a warm welcome. Today was a rough one for me but just by chatting tonight you took my mind off the negatives and showed me the positive side of SSD (new friends). Debra
  4. Hi Nan- Sorry to hear that you also suffer from GERD. I understand it is not one of the most common symptoms of SSD (thank goodness). It can be quite debilitating as you know. Hopefully your GERD is now under control with your 2 laser treatments. I'm keeping faith that this will be the laser treatment that works for me. Looking forward to chatting with you soon. Debra
  5. Thank you Andyko- I appreciate the warm welcome and support! Deb
  6. Hi Barefut- thanks for the welcome. I was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma 8/07. At that time my biggest complaint was swollen tight fingers which eventully caused me to go out on disability from my job (I am an Operating Room Nurse). Although the severe sclerodactly remains, my biggest challenge is GERD (Watermelon stomach) causing severe anemia. Actually today was my 5th upper endo with laser. Life has become so different. I am so grateful for the message boards. Although I might not post messages frequently, I do read them and gain support and education from others who have been t
  7. Hi Dave- I'm a newbee here and thought I might chime in. I had the same problem and found Tropicana orange juice makes a low acid version. Hope that helps. Debra
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