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  1. Good morning all, It's been so long since I came to this site that I even forgot my old screen name and password. But, I got a new one and spent about an hour this morning reading through the first half (18 pages) of topics. I clicked on many, responded to some and got SEVERAL new ideas. Sometimes with this disorder we get complacent...especially when "life happens". If you, or a loved one has scleroderma remain viligant at staying on top of all the current news. If you don't like to chat, check in regularly just to peruse the new articles posted by janey and others. They can be very h
  2. jlf, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had blood clots removed from my leg several years ago and suffered 2 PE's three weeks later. At the same time I developed a hard, oozing sore on my ankle. My doctor always believed this was related to my scleroderma. I intent to research APS and present my findings to my new doctor. VERY INTERESTING! Antway, I have been on coumadin for about 4 years now and many of my sclero symptoms have lessened. Maybe there is a connection. Thanks and best of luck to you! Make your day wonderful, Laurie
  3. The way I look at it, my immune system is attacking my healthy "self" so why should I take supplements to enhance my goofy immune system? I truly wish the warning about echinacea was made with more emphasis and more often! Laurie AKA bioteach
  4. Just in case you are unaware...these arterial spasms that trigger our Raynaud's symptoms are made MUCH worse by vasoconstrictors, so avoiding caffeine and nicotine and keeping warm rate among the first stpes in diminishing your symptoms. Good luck and keep warm! Laurie
  5. Sharon, I have no idea if there is a connection to scleroderma or not, but I had 2 PE's within an few hours of each other 3-4 years ago. I am on coumadin and for some reason (I don't know why) my doctor believed it to be sclero related. These PE's followed the removal of a large mass of blood clots in my lower right leg by 3 weeks. I take my blood thinners and have my blood tests regularly. As a side benefit (imagine a benefit??) the blood thinners have helped my Raynauds symptoms. Hope this helps. Make today a wonderful one! Laurie
  6. Spanky, I was diagnosed 13 years ago and had shingles about 2 years ago...all over my behind! What a pain. LITERALLY! LOL This is an interesting question I've never seen addressed before. I wonder if the incidence of shingles is higher in the scleroderma population than in the overall population....or just autoimmune vs "normal". I personally know only two other people who have experienced shingles and they both have MS. Wish I was up to take on a research project! All I can tell you is I'm so grateful that pain is only a memory...growing more distant with each passing day. Lau
  7. Kamlesh, My doctor also suspects a crossover with Sjorgen's, but I keep testing negative for it...except I have all the sympotoms...go figure. I have found relief from a toothpaste, mouthwash and gum products . I'd be happy to give you the name of it if you send me P.M. It's OTC and not too expensive. Also try cutting out all vasoconstrictorsi.e., caffeine, nicotine, etc. Good luck, Laurie
  8. LoriAnn, I did some google searching on vaginal dryness and vaginal tearing. All the sites I came to suggested lubricants or prescription estrogen creams. Most everything I saw related the problem to vaginal "thinning" related to menopause. Because I have had blood clots and 2 pulmonary embolisms I'm not supposed to take hormones but I am going to ask my gyno about hormone cream. Since it is not an ingested estrogen maybe I can use. One of the things I find difficult in dealing with scleroderma is diagnosis of symptoms...is it sclero related or is it something else? I'm tending toward
  9. Good afternoon all. Funny, but before I came to the sclero website this morning I was looking up vaginal dryness/tearing. The pain during intercourse is unbearable! Glad to read all your suggestions. The most helpful one for me is the idea NOT to wash the area with irritating soaps...good idea. Most everything I found online today related to menopausal body changes, which just so happens to coincide with my age also. I have found some comfort using the damp wipies (like baby wipes) made for adults that contain aloe. I fold one and place it on the painful area, leaving it there held in place wi
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