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  1. I was just wondering how you guys deal with having to take time away from work. The company that I work for requires that we have a leave of abscence (long term or intermittent). I have been using the intermittent leave (stomach/bowel involvement makes it necessary) but they require that it be renewed every 3 months and the doctor charges $100 dollars for the first page and $75 for every page thereafter, it gets really expensive (3 pages for our packet)! I have tried explaing to our corporate HR that this is something that is not curable at this time (hopefully that will change soon!!!) and
  2. WOW, it is so wonderful to see so many people still here that had given me so much wonderful advice in the past. You guys truely are a family, here for the long haul and still giving great advice, tips, and support!!! I finally got the defenitive diagnosis: Limited systemic, about a year later, 2 ganglion blocks,and 7 or 8 doctors later! OH MY!! I have a new rheumatologist now so hopefully things will start to improve. I just wanted to tell all of you that have been here so long helping, caring, loving, that you are rare and your compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters is a t
  3. I was wondering if there is a way of telling when this disease started in individuals. My Raynaud's started when I was about 13 or 14 or so would that be considered onset? Also, and I know that everyone's disease progresses differently, is there "common" progression rate? I was wondering because my ana pattern indicated limited systemic and it progresses more slowly but I am experiencing late stage symptoms (loss of bowel and bladder function... UGH!). My primary care physician just put me on steroid suppositories twice a day for 14 days and wants another colonoscopy done.
  4. Good day all! It has been a while since I last posted but things have gotten quite hectic around here. This is going to be rather lengthy and I apologize but I really need some advice and counsel here! I had my first endocrinologist visit about a month ago (I had a pituitary removed in 1990 and have some damage to the gland), the good news is that most of my hormones are at a good level, all but the growth hormone and cortisol. An ACTH stimulation was done for the cortisol and that came back normal so we discussed what to do about the growth. He said that there haven't been many adult s
  5. My mother used to make the BEST applesauce bread ever! She got the recipe out of a Better Homes & Gardens magazine about 25 years ago. She lost the recipe about 7 or 8 years ago and can't remember how to make it. All I really know about it is that the bread was braided and had a glaze on the top. Anyone happen to have a recipe like that? Thanks
  6. Crawler, I have tried Wellbutrin in the past, not for this reason though. I can not take it, I laugh UNCONTROLABLY! If I started laughing about anything I could not stop, sometimes it seemed liked it would take forever for it to stop. I would be crying and laughing at the same time, pretty messed up huh!!
  7. My doctor called me yesterday, she wants to put me on Provigil for the tiredness. It was comes with a hefty price tag so before I buy it I wanted to see if any of you use or have used it and does it help? Thanks, Tammy
  8. I wanted to wait a while before I posted another reply to this topic because I have started a B-complex injection and wanted to give it a bit to see if it helped. I have been using 2cc IM weekly for just over a month now and am still taking an oral B50 complex daily...I am still exhausted!! How often do you guys use the injection? Thanks & Hugs Tammy
  9. I was just wondering for those of you with a centromere ana pattern, have any of you had problems with tumors? If I am reading correctly (probably not though), the centromere is part of a chromosome which would mean that it has to do with cell division, right? If tumors are caused by improper cell division and death of cells, is it possible that tumors could be related to this? If so, and this is a "chicken or the egg question", would it be tumors causing the positive ana or the ana causing the tumors? :huh: I was just wondering! Tammy
  10. I talked to my dr this am, looks like another colonoscopy. I really feel that it is possible that it is the meds, I have a very sensitive stomach. I had been having some pain in the lower left abdominal area that lasted for about a month or so but has gone away in the last several days, I really assumed that it was the tumor on my fallopian tube causing the pain. Guess we'll find out. I am so physically and emotionally DRAINED...thanks for the hugs!!! Tammy
  11. Ya know, I had promised myself that the next time I posted it was going to be something good, not another complaint but I've had quite a scare this morning. I ocassionally have blood in my stool, had a colonoscopy earlier this year,revealed nothing more than chronic gastritis. For the last few days I have been getting sick to my stomach when I take my meds and last night I had some blood in my stool again. I got up this morning nauseated and am passing blood CLOTS! Do any of you experience this? I am going to call my dr first thing I am just a bit concerned and need some words of encourag
  12. WOW, what a big issue this seems to be! I really appreciate the good tips and advice. It is interesting to see what has helped and worked for some and done absolutely nothing for others. I talked to my pharmacist today about the absorbtion of the oral B-complex as opposed to the injection form, I know that the injection will provide better absorbtion and be more effective so I think that I my try that. I can handle a couple of days of being sore better than I can the constant fatigue! In reply to some of the posts: Time off of work would be wonderful and my employer does provide FML
  13. I have been fighting fatigue for several months now, lately it has gotten very bad! It is all that I can do to drag myself out of bed for work in the mornings and the weekends I sleep until 11 or 12 and have to force myself to get up! I changed my primary care physician last week, I decided that I needed a dr that was going to be able to help me keep all this stuff together and in perspective (I also have that much needed appt. with the endocrinologist thanks to the new dr.). I asked her about the constant tiredness, she wants me to ask the endo doctor about it but she suggested that I tak
  14. Thanks for the replies!! That takes a load off!! Ced~~ My problem sounds just like yours...I started using some clotrimazole cream today!! That brings me to another question... I read that an infection can cause the ANA test to be positive. Since this has been going on for a few months, is it possible that this caused mine to be positive? Big thanks and hugs to you all!!! ,Tammy,
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