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    Scleroderma And Children

    Hi Dawn! I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. My daughter has systemic sclero. She was 17yo when we found out. She was diagnosed at 2 with a hiatal hernia, which doesn't give her much problems anymore. She also has hypothyroidsim. The only signs of the sclero is a tendon rub in her finger. This is how we found out about the sclero. Her finger was bothering for a year before, ran losts for tests and phys. ther. nothing worked. Then the blood test where we found out. That is the only thing that still hurts her. You found a great site. Everyone here is so nice and knowledgeable. It really helps to know there are others out there going through the same things you are, either as a care giver or a patient. Keep us updated, I will be looking for you. Darlene
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    Getting To Know You - Archives

    Hello everyone! I've been reading everyones postings, and finnally decided to post. My daughter is the one with systemic sclero. She was diagnosed 2 years. ago. She is 18 now. The only reason we found out was her finger was bothering her for about a year. We were seeing an orthopedic dr. and he couldn't fix it, so he sent us to a Rhemuy. Who then did blood tests...and a diagnosis. She has Raynauds, this finger thing, hypothyroidism and a hiatal hernia. The only thing physically that bothers her is the finger. Mentally, that's another thing! My father passed away 6 mo. after her diagnosis, she was very close to him. My best friend 3 mo. later, she was her friend too. So trying to keep her on a up swing is a constat factor in our lives. I also have a 13 yr. old son and a husband that works out of town a lot. We live in sunny So. California. With 2 dogs, 3 birds, and 2 cats. Both kids are active soccer players. We have very supportive family and friends. Though no one knows better about what's going on than all of you. This is such a great site. I read often! Thank you!!!!!
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    Thank you for the link. I will let my daughter read that before we have further discussion on this issue.
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    Hello everyone! My daughter is 18 and has been diagnosed with Systemic Sclero. She recently asked if she can get a tatoo. I said no way, because I feel she is still to young to make that decision. I am also afraid that it can bring on more symptoms. Does anyone know if it will? Also, a second question, she is having a problem with her middle finger again. She has had 3 cortisone shots in it. It is hurting her again. She says it feels like the tendons inside are rubbing and pulling. I was making her do strength exercises for them, but now she says that hurts the finger. Any info would be appreciated!! I love reading everyones postings. Everyone seems to try and keep a positive outlook on life even though so much has been thrown at them. I try and do the same for my daughter. You all deserve big hugs! Thank you!!