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  1. Hi to all, Reading through the list, I see it's pretty clear our reactions to different drugs are different from person to person and within the same person from time to time. Reglan was a disaster for me. I had every one of the possible side effects with the exception of suicidal thoughts. Watch this one! When it's good, it's very, very good but for some of us it can be lethal. I don't find much difference in my body's reaction between Prilosec and Nexium. I take 40 mg of Prilosec a day and sometimes bump it up to 60 mg when I'm under stress. I still need the occasional antacid tablets and you're right about the ugly coat on the tongue (ugh!). A tongue scraper and alcohol free mouth wash helps. I don't have much trouble with different foods but have had periods where I have had to give up wine (sob!). I find small meals several times a day helps and counter to what works for a lot of other people, a small glass of milk and a low sugar biscuit (like McVitey's Digestive) a half hour or so before retiring gets me through the night better than a few hours' fasting before bedtime. In other words, you will just have to keep on with trial and error until you find what works for you. DO NOT put up with pain. There is relief out there, it just takes some time to get the right combination for your body. Good luck hunting! Lindy
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