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  1. Hi, I have found the fatigue is terrible too. I try to keep moving until the pain makes me sit or rest. I have bad knees that aggravates things. I am also anemic which I am sure has a lot to do witht he tiredness. I do take my iron to help that. Winter seems to make things worse. The warm sun actually helps me and I feel better when I can get out and try to be like other people.
  2. hi everyone....i too have all the problems with gerd you all have....i have gathered a list of foods that are really no no's for me....might help you all.....cinnamon, pepper, hot and black, chili powders, anything citrus, peanut butter, spicey tomato sauces, chocolates, nuts, onions, soda pop...and the list goes on....read labels...things with citric acids will do it too....for coffee lovers....there is an acid reducer in coffee mate that helps for the coffee....i can't do without my coffee in the morning so I use coffee mate in it and it helps.....it also helps me if I think I will have trouble with the heartburn I take a tablespoon or 2 of maalox max and that stops it....i have trouble getting rid of the gas...food sits on top of the gas and will back up maalox helps that......just my 2 cents worth....good luck
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