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  1. Hi Mando Sorry to hear of your heart issues which sound very scary but you sound to be well looked after by your medical team and hopefully they'll come up with a treatment package for you. buttons
  2. I have bowel issues & had an SNS fitted 6 years ago! It has helped by giving me those extra seconds to get to the toilet but I do find now that that I have an issue with leakage after passing stools which I find a bit difficult at times. Seems to be when I have days when I pass stools at least 4-5 times a day but then the day after may not go at all! I was told mine was due to nerve damage. The SNS helps I feel but not totally. I do use Imodium on bad days but only in small amounts because then it can swing the other way. Buttons
  3. So sad to hear the news about miocean, she was always very supportive to everyone. Would just like to let her family & friends know that our thoughts & prayers are with them at this time. Buttons
  4. So sorry to hear about your symptoms and sending lots of good wishes to you. We are always here to listen. Buttons
  5. Sorry I missed the chat but had been away. Hope to speak to you soon. Buttons
  6. A very interesting topic Amanda! I have extremely dry skin now (never used too) and like Judy it's worst on my legs. I've tried all sorts but nothing really works that well for me and I do need to be careful because I get awful itchy patches which can be about the size of my hand and then I get big black bruises. While visiting NZ last year I did try some lanolin for dry lip and it did help so maybe that will be worth trying for my legs, not sure where to get it from in the UK though. Buttons
  7. I used to exercise a lot but had to virtually stop because of my health issues. Since I started the methotrexate (MTX), I do feel so much better but because of joint issues I can't do my mountain walking anymore. Instead I cycle now, and generally do about 12 miles about 4 times a week. Sometimes do some longer rides - about 28 miles but like others have said the weather can affect my Raynauds so I have to make sure I have the right type of gear to be able to cope. Buttons
  8. Judy, I am so sorry you have reached this stage & are now having too make such a difficult choice. I have an SNS and it has helped me but my issues are more down to nerve damage. All I can tell you is that my brother has a permanent Stoma due to severe Ulcerative Colitis and he is really happy because he doesn't get the pain & other issues anymore. Best wishes Buttons
  9. It is wonderful to hear how well Gareth is doing since his op, it must be such a relief to you knowing that he has so much less pain. Buttons
  10. That sounds wonderful news that you are feeling so much better! I think Shelley is right about the inflammatory markers because mine have at last become stable and I do feel so much better for it. Do take care of yourself. Buttons
  11. So glad that he has got through the surgery and is home. I do hope he recovers quickly from the surgery. Buttons
  12. Hi My bloods came back exactly the same as yours Judy! I was told this was the Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis. Mine was also diagnosed along with the medical notes taken and a physical examination. Buttons
  13. I have Raynauds and the whole of my fingers and sometimes my whole hand and part way up my arm can also do it, then they do all the other colour changes! Buttons
  14. Hi Margaret Sorry that Gareth will need surgery on his neck but I'm sure he will feel much better from the pain point of view once he has recovered. I have had this surgery and did find it helped with my pain. I do hope you have a good holiday. Buttons
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