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  1. Wow, Sam!! That's the best news I've heard in a LONG time!!!! Congratulations!!! It's got to be a huge relief for you! Sherion
  2. Oh Jeannie, you are really funny! I've just gotten some really bad news but when I read your response I just had to thank you for the diversion, if only for a few seconds!!!It really made me laugh, everything you said is sooooo true!!!! Sherion grandmother of six boys ages 6 to 23!!!!!
  3. Good for you Craig! Sounds like you have a lawyer that's on the ball and knows what he's doing!! Sherion
  4. Robin, It's so good to hear that someone understands how I feel. That's why I keep coming here. I don't post often but I learn something every day. You're right, we may have a problem with weight or smoking but I don't drink, I obey all laws and try to treat all people with respect. Sherion
  5. Imagine, I know what you mean when it comes to my weight and the doctors. My doctors blame EVERYTHING on my weight (or smoking).They make me feel as though because I'm overweight that maybe I don't deserve to be treated medically. My doctor basically told me last week that I'm fat and lazy.I guess if I was skinny I would deserve to be treated with respect. Sherion
  6. Sheryl, You're lucky to have cashiers and baggers willing to take that extra step! I seem to only get the ones with the snarl built into their faces! I'm sure if I asked for something extra they would probably crack in half!!! Sherion
  7. Sheryl, You really pin-pointed my problem!! I always make lists and 9 out of 10 times I leave the list at home!!! Sherion
  8. OOOOOHHHH, Amanda's meal sounds like a real winner to me!!!!!!!! Sherion
  9. I also suffer from severe back pain. I do have degenerative disc disease in my lower back but my pain is all over. My rheumatologist and my general practitioner both say that the other pain is from fibromylgia. My back is so tender to the touch that I just about scream when anyone touches me. The pain is miserable and I feel so sorry for you all that have this. Sherion
  10. Oh Penny, I am so sorry for laughing but that is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Thanks I needed that! Shelley, you are also a real fun trip!!! Sherion
  11. Janey, What wonderful news!!!!!! Congrats to you!!!!! It's so great getting good news for a change. Sherion
  12. Janet, I've done the same thing . Called my daughter the dogs name, only trouble is that the dog is a MALE! Daughter did not appreciate that! Sherion
  13. Hi Peanut!!!! It is so great to see you back and posting!!! We've all been so concerned for you. Glad to know that you are well on your way to a total recovery. Welcome back. Sherion
  14. Thanks Shelley!!! I will try and remember to ask my rheumatologist at my next appointment but it is nice to have your opinion! I didn't realize you could have Raynauds in so many different places. I thought it was just in the hands and toes. that's really interesting. Now I'm going to check out the sites you gave me. Thanks again. Sherion
  15. I have a question regarding cold feet and Raynaud's. I have heard that you can get Raynaud's in your toes but how about in the heals of the foot? My heals seem to get colder than my toes and turn a deep, reddish purple. Is it possible? I must remember to ask my rheumatologist but I don't see him for three more weeks. Thanks for any ideas and help. Sherion
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