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  1. Hi everyone: I am a lurker on here and have rarely posted. I am in the UK and have CREST syndrome, was diagnosed about 12 years ago. I have all symptoms but don't have much hardening of the skin. My worse symptoms are Raynaud's for which I have iloprost infusions every year and have loads of esophageal involvement. The reason for my post today is I have had a lot of tummy problems. I had my gall bladder taken out 2 years ago and it was badly infected but since then have had continued gall bladder type pains and pains half hour after eating in my bowels ever since with several admissions to
  2. Shirley: I have had camera's in just about every orifice several times. I had camera all way through my bowels to bottom of my stomach & they took biopsies but all was fine. I tried a gluten free diet & was fine but I have also had periods of being fine while eaten gluten. You can't get fired for being sick but I am a manager & they can go through a fair process where I would end up losing my job, they have to be very careful though. I have been on numerous pain killers. For the past 5 days no matter what pain killer I take thd pain is still there. I do have a slight hiatus her
  3. I was diagnosis with CREST about 10 years ago. I have all the symptoms except S of CREST but are copable, also many other symptoms that may or may not be related. I hold down a full time job & usually don't let my symptoms get the better of me. However the past 12 months or more I have had increasing bowel problems that are wearing me down so much. I am in almost constant severe pain, lost 3 stone in weight, had just about every test imaginable that all show ok except I was shown to have gallstones. I eventually had my gallbladder removed 6 weeks ago. The surgeon was convinced all the othe
  4. Hi All: A Bit About Me First; I have been a member on the MSN sute for some years but was more of a lurker than a poster. I have also found this site valuable with learning all about my condition & have my story in the first book that was published. I have CREST & show all symptoms except S & a few more that come with CREST. This past 12 months I have had numerous things going wrong with my body but no-one will say whether it is part of the condition. My main troubles at the moment are my bowels, especially the severe pain I get almost daily & the loss of 3 ston
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