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  1. Update on illness

    Dear Sadie, Thank you for sharing with us what you are going through. Just remember, no one person on this earth knows when on how we will leave. We have no promise, no assurance of our next breath. Each moment in our lives is a small miracle, and I think we, with this nasty disease, are aware of it more acutely. Also keep in mind, doctors can be so wrong, they are only human too. As a nurse in a small hospital I have taken care of patients that have been on hospice for years, and some have even been discharged from the program because they improved so much! It sound as though you are surrounded by loving, caring people that will do their best to take care of you. Stay positive, think loving thoughts and by all means, keep yourself comfortable and warm. Please keep us posted as you are able. I'm so glad you are at peace! Wishing you better days ahead, Dianna
  2. Finger ulcers gone

    Hi everyone, I want to share this news with anyone that is suffering with digital ulcers. I can not remember when the last time was that I did not have at least one. years. About 2 months ago my Rheumatologist gave me a rx for clonazepam which was prescribed to help me sleep. During the time I have been taking it, my ulcers healed and no new ones. I can't remember being able to use my hands without a painful ulcer, and it's amazing the habits I notice I have picked up to protect my fingers that I'm not doing now, such as I can unlatch my seatbelt normally, using my right index finger! I didn't make the connection until I read one of the studies posted on this site. I know this drug is habit forming and I really don't care. :) It helps me sleep, it helps my fingers. Oh, and I've tried it all. Viagra, ace inhibitors (gave me migraine, ) beta blockers, nitro cream, niacin. Anyway, if this could help someone else it is my great hope! Blessings to all, Dianna
  3. What Is/was Your Job/career?

    Just to let you know, there's another RN on board here. I taught public school for several years, took a year's leave and never went back. Then in 03, my daughter was in college and unsure of what she wanted to major in. I told her that I was enrolling in the fall to get a RN degree. She thought it was such a good idea that she moved back home and we went through the program together. Such fun! We even work at the same hospital, although I'm only able to work a couple of days a month in the ER. I do love it! Sadly, my daughter is moving to another state in July as she and one of the residents are engaged. I'm happy for her but I'll miss her terribly. Anyway, I have 3 other sons age 31, 27 and 16. My husband is terrific, a writer, and in a couple of years we will see what that empty nest feels like.... Bittersweet I imagine. I don't make it to the boards much, but it's so nice to know you are here, and I'm not alone.