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    Only Raynaud

    hello again, I forget to mention, KarenL asked me about GERD, yes, I do have it. I take care of what I eat all the time because of that, I dont mixe sweet with salty food, dont drink liquids after meals, I dont drink coffee, even thought I loved it... etc. I dont take any medication, it is just occurs after ceratin meals, rarelly now. Jensue, I don't think I will be able to seethe rheumatologist sooner than in one month, I have to move in another city, from Nancy to Strasbourg, I will be living in a new home, a new job... Thank you Tammy for the advice to wear a hat, I would take the advice. :), it is a a great thing. for truman, I will try with Norvasc, nothing worked for me yet for the raynaud. A lovely day and warm hugs for you all elena
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    Only Raynaud

    Hello, It is my second message on the forum, and I would love somone to share with me his/her experience or advices. As I have the Raynaud Syndrome for 12 years, and the ANA and SCL antybodies, I wonder... as the doctors that I consulted, if it is really a Scleroderma? It is true that my Raynaud is severe, two years ago I had ulcers, never since, but my fingers are blue practically all the time... even now as I write, and I have not found any treatment... just to reste in a warm environment. It is worse with every year. Does anyone have/had the same experience... just a Raynaud? Is it a begging of the disease, can I expect that the things get worse... or better? It is true that a balance of my disese has not been done, I intend to do it before the year ends. A lovely day for everybody
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    Only Raynaud

    Hello everyone, thank you for sharing with me your experiences. You are so kind and ... so well informed. I have read that Raynaud could precede a scleroderma with years, and as I have a immunological disturbance as well it could be a begging of the disease. The diagnosis is not accurate, and I would be happy if it will rest just as it is ...a Raynaud. for aniwallar : I am romanian by origin, now I live in the north of France from six months now. I am an intern doctor, in occupational pathologies. I was thinking, all the time, that if there isn't any treatement for scleroderma, what will be the point to start seeing specialists, I take natuarl treatements and also... the indiference. I know that the most important is not to be stressed, to take as much rest as possible, to eat healthy, to enjoy life. Lovely tratement btw... but even that is hard to be done.
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    Hello to everyone! May you all to have a much better year, with love and peace in your hearts, stronger and healthier each day, keep a joyful spirit and have hope with you always! elena
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    Getting To Know You - Archives

    Hello everyone! I am new on this forum, I am glad I found such a well informed site as sclero.org. I am 28 years, I live in Romania, with my parents and I am a doctor for three yers now. I have been recently diagnosed with Sclerodermia. It has been a huge shock for me, even though I am a doctor, I couldn't think about me having this disease. Actually it is possible that I have this disease for ten years. My symptom is: a Raynaud Syndrome which I have for ten years, and went from worse to worse but all doctors, even myself, thought is just Raynaud's disease. Last winter I had ulcers at two fingers wich my mother treated with natural remedies (cabbage leaf on finger each night and they healed in a few weeks). Two years ago I went to a rheumatologist and I did a few test and I found I have some autoantibodies: SCL70 which are very specific for Sclerodermia, but the rheumatologist said I could just have them without having the disease, so I did nothing until this year when I did the tests again and I found that I have the ANA also. My Raynauds is severe, I cannot tolerate cold at all, not even take something from the fridge, or drink something cold cause my hands turn blue. My skin looks pretty good, just that looking at pictures I see that my lips are so much thinner, practically my upper lips it doesn't exist anymore, so that is another sign. A rheumatologist (I have seen three doctors) said that it is definitely sclero and that I should start treatment with methotrexate. I got so scared, I went to other doctors who said that nothing can be done and that immunosuppressants are too soon to be taken. I went to a doctor who treats only with natural remedies and I started a new lifestyle now, and I treat myself only with natural remedies, which don't have side effects. My goal is never to take drugs if possible, all substances are found in plants so why should I stress my body. True remedies are: diet, fresh air, therapy with water, plants and first of all, faith. My advice to everybody is to spend time trying to find spiritual faith, in love, friendship, nature, sports, also to eat healthy and be positive. I am completely vegetarian now, I eat raw food which is the healthiest, and I feel better than I was a few months ago. Good luck to all of you, and keep in touch. I would be glad to answer to any question regarding this disease because now I read alot about it, as a patient and doctor as well. Elena