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  1. Hi thanks! I hope I hear from people with localized or generalized morphea, with skin alterations... I think it is very helpful when people can discuss what are the meds theyare taking and what treatment , and how they are responding...since it is a rare condiition, sometimes even the dermatologist may not be aware of other treatment options... For what I have read, I learned that morphea on the skin doesn't affect organs, and the course of the condition can last from one year to five??? at least I have not had any indication of organs involvement according to my dermatologist..howe
  2. Hi I was diagnosed with morphea, I have patches on my legs, trunk, back, and all started with patch on the breast one year and half ago... As I was not diagnosed when started, I was diagnosed recently... My doctor was very kind, Im using creams, corticosteroids, the vitame D one also... but I'm so scared... he said if this didn't get better he was going to try giving me oral medication...however he wanted to try with the creams...and see if it helps ..because he says the medication has side effects... so, that leads me to think that the medication must be about immune depress
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