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  1. Hi, I keep getting new ones and I find it very frustrating. Do they ever stop showing up? Will I keep getting more and more of these spots? I have one on my cheek and several on my lips. Normally, they don't bother me, but I wonder if there is some sort of predictive value to them. Do they mean that your scleroderma is progressing if you keep getting them? Jennifer, so sorry about your T's. They stink. I hope you find a workable solution! Denelle
  2. Hi, Just wondering why you are having the surgery. What symptoms are/were you having? I hope this isn't too personal. I just want to understand the different aspects of everyone's disease. Thanks for sharing, Denelle
  3. Hi, I have been taking Revatio (viagra) for about a year. I take 20mg 3 times a day to prevent/monitor my mild PAH and for my Raynauds. My Raynauds can be very severe at times, but the Viagra helped so my body could heal my ulcers. Also, my PAH pressure dropped since being on it. My doctor did have to appeal the insurance company originally, but it worked fast and I pay $50 a month for 90 pills that run about $11 a pill. If you have PAH or Raynauds, I would highly recommend it! Denelle
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if you have to pay in the SCOT trial ie you need insurance approval? Or does the study pay all the costs? Just wondering, Denelle
  5. That is horrible. When I talked to a lawyer today he seemed to think I might have a case because parts or all of it are covered by medicare and medicaid. Otherwise you and I are in the same boat... which is totally unfair. Have you been working with Greg Dean? Denelle
  6. Hello, It's been awhile. Nonetheless, I was accepted for the ASIST trial, but have been denied insurance coverage. I am very angry about this situation and am doing everything I can think of to get the coverage. I am on the verge of losing my job because I feel awful and can't work. So two weeks ago I am diagnosis with Fibromyalgia. That makes sense, but doesn't make me feel better. On to the meat of the story... I want to go to the local media because I have been denied investigational or clinical trials by my insurance and I work for..... wait for it..... a university that t
  7. I have the tingling also. I was told it was peripheral neuropathy. I tried neurontin, but I hated the side effects. I now take Lyrica and it works wonders. The tingling can be very disconcerting. I have even felt it in my face - such as my forehead. Boy was that creepy! Denelle
  8. Clinical trial of bone marrow transplant. Does anyone have any ideas how I can save my job? I am out of FMLA for the rolling year. I would like to maybe get into the program ASAP, but my FMLA does not go into effect again until February 7, 2007. My company does provide 6 months where they will pay for your insurance provided that you pay the premiums - ie: for me about $50/month. But after I talked to my manager they made it sound like I couldn't take a leave of absence and come back to my job? What are the rules for this? I want my job and my benefits. A different lady here was
  9. Yes, this is the study that I am looking at... I am hoping to be evaluated very soon as my lungs/heart are getting worse. Trying to get the logistics worked out is very complicated and stressful. I am no longer completely worried about getting fired from work... so I am working with HR to figure out how to work out a leave. Denelle
  10. Actually, there is also a trial at Northwestern where you will get an allogeneic bone marrow transplant from a sibling - which is the one that I am interested in. I've been on Cytoxan and it isn't working... so that is why I am headed that direction. Denelle
  11. I am looking into Northwestern - at the Bone Marrow Transplant provided one of my sister's matches. I am hoping it is a go - but I want to get going right away because of my PFT's. Maybe we should e-mail -because I think we will be doing stuff at the same time. FYI- I did also read some problems about full body irradiation. Try researching it.. Whatever you decide, good luck, Denelle
  12. Hello all, I am being evaluated for a bone marrow transplant at Northwestern. I was wondering if any of you have any advice or warnings etc. This is still new and I need to talk about it to digest it all... know what I mean :unsure: Denelle
  13. Hello, I am taking prilosec twice a day. And lately when I take my rx before bed I can feel the water - a few sips - coming back up. Anyhow, do you think I should try different drugs or is that just how it is with scleroderma? Thanks, Denelle
  14. Hello all, I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and part of my job is drawing blood along with analyzing it. Everyone had excellent suggestions. Keeping your arm warm is important as well as being hydrated. Always have them use butterfly needles as they are smaller. Please try not to let them draw on the underside of your wrist - there are a lot of nerves there that can easily be damaged. A port is a wonderful idea - and where I work we are trained to draw from these lines once they have been accessed. It might be useful to tell the phlebotomist that you are a hard draw bec
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