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  1. Ann, you will love the Talking Books Program! I am a reading addict myself. I love mysteries. Good luck with the program. Let us know when you get started. Mary in Texas
  2. Hi Janey, My dad's vision was so bad,by the tiime we applied for the Talking Books program, that he needed the audio version. But, my 96 year old auntie also was in the program ,and she got the large-print books. I can't say enough good things about this program and usually, when I mention it, no one has ever heard of it. They don't seem to promote it at all. Your dad will love it! I forgot to say earlier that even the librarian, instead of a doctor, can sign a person's application, if he or she is familiar with the applicant. Mary in Texas
  3. Great idea, Jeannie! It also sounds like fun shopping for the little containers! Mary in Texas
  4. Thanks, Ann! No, no one has recently mentioned that I have a brilliant mind, but I love it! Mary in Texas
  5. I try to remember to carry my own wet wipes or sanitizing jel or liquid. Then you don't become the victim of strange sinks and blow-dry systems. Mary in Texas
  6. I just thought of another thing that would be helpful (in the United States) -- and it's absolutely free. Has anyone heard of the Taking Books Program of The National Library Service/The Library of Congress? It is for the blind and physically handicapped, and, as such, we are eligible. One just has to get a doctor's signature on a sheet you fill out about your disability. It is my understanding that almost anyone who could possibly need or use this program is eligible. Then you choose whether you want books on tape, braille or large print books. My dad had macular degeneration and he used
  7. Hi Ann, You've already been given some good ideas. I'll add one. Look online for "reading aids" or "arthritis aids" and you will get catalogs for supplies for people with disabilities of one kind or another. I just looked at one such site and they had several different things, ranging in price from $7 to $139 for holding books! I've been thinking of getting one myself. I love to read and I don't know what I would do if I couldn't do it! I do sew, so I might just do one of the sewing projects, but the aids in the catalogs look great, too. Mary in Texas
  8. Hi Heather, I, too, have CREST and I also have an itchy,scaley, scabby scalp! Are you by chance on Prednisone or another immune supresant? I am on Prednisone, which unfortunately, opens one up to catching all sorts of things. What I caught or got was Psoriasis. I have been to a skin doctor and she gave me a prescription for a head treatment, as well as a prescription shampoo. These things help, but it seems to get better and then worse gain. I have been fighting this for over a year now. While taking Prednisone, I also once got a scalp fungus and had to take a pill for that. Fortun
  9. Hi Wendy, I can't seem to finish this post! I don't know what I am doing wrong! Anyway, I also (about five years ago) began having GERD and trouble swallowing. It turned out that treatment GERD helped it as well as the trouble swallowing, as the two were related. Anyway, permanent damage can be done if you allow GERD to go untreated. Also, there are many things you can do to help your Raynauds. Be sure you stay warm -- not just your hands, but your whole self. There are a variety of hand warmers that can go into your pocket or that you can take along in the car. ALways wear gloves i
  10. Hi Wendy, and welcome to the Forums. I agree with everything that's been said. You didn't mention whether your specialist is treating your symptoms. I was diagnosed with CREST/Limited (which they call something else now) about 25 or 30 years ago. At the time, the only symptom I was having was Raynauds and the doctor advised me to wear gloves all the time. I didn't wear them all the time, but I did begin to wear them in the grocery store and cold places. Anyway, my disease didn't seem to change until about five years ago, when I got my first digital ulcer. I am now taking Cilais for that
  11. Hi Sarah, I'm 67 and going strong. I was diagnosed about 25 years ago and I am doing very well right now. I am on several medicines, including one for GERD, and I have good days and bad days, but the bad days usually aren't all that bad. Once your doctor gets you on some meds and your disease is under better control, you will be able to calm down and you will feel better for that alone! I'm glad you are quitting smoking. I quit after 40 years as a smoker. I did it by joining an online group and it was wonderful help. There are some groups listed on this site somewhere. One of those is
  12. Hi Debo, I take Celebrex every day as well as 5 mg. of Prednisone. Red, my rheumatologist told me I'd be on the Prednisone for the rest of my life and that we have to weigh the benefits to the side effects. She said she wasn't worried about it as long as it was around 3-5 mg. I think I would be in a wheelchair watching the grass grow if I didn't have the Prednisone. As it is, I am not in pain all day long every day and am pretty active. If you are in pain day in and day out, you have no quality of life. It becomes a struggle just to keep going. Until you get insurance
  13. Have you tried Viagra or Cialis to improve circulation in your fingers? Cialis works great for me. I haven't had a serious finger ulcer since I started taking it several years ago! I would certainly want to try all my options before having surgery -- but that's just me! I do know someone whose doctor immediately took her off her Cialis because he had never heard of treating scleroderma with it. It had just healed a major ulcer for her and saved her from amputation! I guess it would have been too much trouble for the new doctor to look it up! My friend had just moved to a new city (a large
  14. Hi Angie, I can certainly understand what you mean! My fingers are stiff and bent, and I have no lips. I have a rash all over my face and a bad case of psoriasis that is due to taking Prednisone all the time- very low dose. I also understand your feeling that medicine can't help you, but I hope you will reconsider that. There is help available and I just believe that if you find the right doctor, you will get relief. Don't give up! Mary in Texas
  15. I thought I understood it, too, until I began reading! Mary in Texas
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