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  1. I am back in action and I just so thankful for your kind thoughts and notes. I have had my stem cell transplant and while in the hospital I got an infection and ended up spending three months in a coma where I then had two strokes. I am back now and working my way down the long road to recovery. I am still not very good at typing but I'm lucky to have such a good looking husband who can type at a third grade level. Hugs, Peanut
  2. peanut


    I could be wrong, but I think ANA is like as yes or no question and is not necessarily an indicator of what's going on inside. peanut
  3. Hi. I got a yeast infection from the antibiotics and the steroids I've been put on. I did on of those 3-a-day things and it cleared it all up, then started taking garlic pills. You may want to do some research on tree oil suppositories and garlic pills as I hear they may "naturally" help yeast infections. peanut
  4. I was told if you 02 levels drop when you exercise it's typical of ILD. I think PH is a result of ILD... I think? peanut
  5. Hi Barbara & Friends, I halfed my Reglan and whaddya know the leg spasms are much less... hopefully on their way to none. Thanks for the suggestion. What would I do without you guys. peanut
  6. My twitch is constantly. Man. I need to find the twitch off button. peanut
  7. My transplant is May 13th. It couldn't come any sooner. peanut
  8. Hi Friends, Well I'm here in Chicago. Thanks for all the warm inquires. It makes me feel so warm and loved. :D So does anyone have a muscle twitch? Mine started with my foot twitching, moving to my calf and I'm soon afraid it will be my whole leg. I asked my doctor about it but they're not sure if it's sclero or all the millions of meds I'm taking. They said I'm taking a number of meds that could cause this so it's hard to narrow down the cause. The twitch gets annoying when I sleep. When I sit it makes my leg quiver. I wish it would go away. hugs to all, peanut
  9. Hey Sweet, I'm bald, bored, and waiting for May 8th - when I go into the hospital, start the chemo and get my new cells. My health is well and I hope it continues to be so as I go thru this process. No infections! hugs, peanut
  10. I take RLS for restless leg. One of the good side effects is it is also an anti-depressant. peanut
  11. Yup everyone is different and the rates of progression vary. Then, Sclero can go into randomly go into remission, go inactive, active... Just to make us crazy. peanut
  12. Sorry so late, I take Norvasc for Raynauds, which I know is also used to lower BP. Revatio also helps. peanut
  13. Hooray for Cheese & Whine. Me too. Me too. Is there time for fun like Snowbird suggested? Maybe a pedicure. Do something for yourself to give yourself a big hug. Hug from me, peanut
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