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  1. Just got a pair of special trainers delivered yesterday. I tried on my sisters and they felt comfy and spongy lol.. Its not for the fitness aspect, I got them to see if they would alleviate the pain and help when I have to walk outside.. I have calcinosis growing out of the bottom of my foot so I know I'll still have pain with that until it comes out. Hope they help, I'm gonna wear them for the next few days and I'll post back how I get on!
  2. Hi Summer, I hope you are feeling better! From your description, it sounds like it might be calcinosis.. H
  3. Thanks for putting a big smile on my face Charliehorse! :) Your boots sound so cosy...
  4. I have this problem too.. Feels like I'm walking on bone. Im glad I found this post and that im not alone! I find it very hard to walk barefoot (or just socks) because of the lack of padding and I get cramps in my feet from the cold. Thermal insoles help alot and I always wear thick soled boots and thermal socks. Unfortunately my friends criticise me over my footware, this hurts me alot and I'm sick of explaining why I have to wear them...
  5. Hi Heidi, My avatar is actually a photo I took of myself after drawing leaves and designs on my face with an eye pencil (I know, its a strange think to do, haha..), I changed the colouring in photoshop! I uploaded some of my art to the Photo Gallery if you want to have a browse! Some of the names got mixed up when they were uploaded but I will correct it soon. HazelTree
  6. Hi Barefut, I suffer alot with my fingers and have had many ulcers and calcium deposits. If it feels like a nodule and you can move it, its normally a calcium deposit. I use a special bandage that I can only get from my Physiotherapist, you cut a length off, wrap it firmly around your finger (towards your heart) but not too tight to cut off the circulation and leave it on for 20mins to 2hrs at a time, but take it off if the pain worsens. This relieves the pain a bit and brings down the swelling. I will email you the name of this product as im not sure if I can post the name of it on the forum? Not for the faint hearted Sometimes they disappear but very rarely and sometimes they pierce through the skin where you can pull the bits out, its like small bits of bone, this happens to the calcinosis on my elbow. Its very strange that it never bleeds! Normally I suffer agonizing pain with my fingers untill it starts to work its way out, in the past and recently when the pain gets so bad I bathe my hand in hot salty water and try to pull or squeeze it out. On one of my fingers at the mo I was able to squeeze some out, it had a soft consistency and did not hurt so much to get out and relieved the pain alot, there is still a hole in my finger (that doesn't bleed either) hopefully it will alleviate the pain of the next one (that is there) to come out. I have had some near the nails which I have bathed in hot salty water also, the calcinosis that I eventually got out was like shards of glass attached by a string. I had to kneel on the floor by the sink and just do it while nearly collapsing with the pain. It was worth it to get it out. I hope I haven't scared or disgusted you with this. I sympathise with you and hope your finger gets better soon! Advice I used to wear a ring on my thumb and got a calcium deposit below it, I am sure that it was because of the ring, after I stopped wearing it, it went away! HazelTree
  7. Hi everyone, It's so nice to get to know you! Erin and Peanut I am also a graphic designer and art is my passion in life! I finished college at the end of last summer and am now only getting around to setting up a graphic/web design business so that I can work from home. As a single parent, I found it hard to manage my son and his needs, housework, full time college and around 56 assignments with deadlines while suffering with the dreadful cold here. I got through it and did really well but my poor house suffered, haha.. In art, I love doing faces with different media and try to portray emotions from my art. My final piece for a college exhibition was about how I feel in winter, I called it 'Surpressed'. I was surprissed when it sold because it was so emotional. I live in Glendalough, Ireland and enjoy walking through the peaceful forests and sitting by the lake drawing, painting, writting and reading on hot days. My son Leo normally cycles rings around me while I walk and we have great fun playing frisby and tennis etc. when we get to our destination. I love the sun, my friends call me 'The Oracle' and say that im like a sun dial, I always get them to move when the shade comes near us. I try to be positive about life and live in the 'now', but I do get sad sometimes. Its very cold now and a long way untill the climate starts to heat up. Sometimes I wish I could hibernate, but I am going to use this winter to build my business and express more art. I think that the majority of you that have partners are very lucky to have the support! HazelTree
  8. Hi Chuck, Im sorry to hear how ill your mum is. The only advice I can give you to help your mums energy levels is to make homemade soup with vegetables full of iron (cabbage, brussel sprouts), when blended it will make it easier for her to swallow and will be full of nutrients to help her to heal, and will also heat her up from within. I will email you a recipy that you can vary to her taste. I hope this can help even a little! HazelTree
  9. Hi Jacki, I agree with everybody about wearing rubber gloves and using moisturiser, i think it is a nescessary precaution. The wax treatment is lovely and can help. I have problems with my fingers cracking also, they split from being in the cold too long, it is very painful. This brings back memories of last winter, trying to do my college assigments with blood streaming down from my nails when I had no plasters and had to wrap tissue around the affected fingers. Now, I use 'Liquid Bandage' to seal these cracks, it is like a plaster but is applied using a swab stick. It heals the cuts on my fingers within a day or two. I hope you can find this type of plaster as it eliminates alot of pain and awkwardness! HazelTree
  10. Hi Thankyou very much for replying to my post, I feel very welcomed by you all! I was away for the weekend and didn't get a chance to check the forum. Sweet, Thankyou! Janey, Like you, I get a reation around chemicals, I get a funny feeling in my lips when I'm near them, like polishes, bleach and perfumes etc.., funny. Perfume drives me mad and to put this directly onto your skin puts it straight into your system, natural oils are actually much nicer to smell and I get compliments about how I smell so nice, sometimes! Haha.. Yeah, we are organic beings afterall so it makes sence to eat organic. I eat as much of it as I can but can not always get everything I need in organic. I have used beans since I was 11 when I turned veggie and will be using more berries now that I have bought a smoothie maker! Smoothies and Soups are really good as they retain all their nutrients and give you good natural energy. I read only the other day that Heartburn can be due to not enough water in your system, as our bodies are mostly water it is Very Important to drink alot of water throughout the day, sometimes adding a little salt to hold the water in your body but you may have enough salt in your diet already. I cannot give you any advice on taking immunosuppresants, my body did not take well to medication. You are the only person that can tell yourself if you feel better with or witout it, but I do think that our system can get used to certain foreign substansis (tablets) which leads to larger dosses, maybe. Erin, Thankyou for your comment! I am not a total health freak by no means, haha.. I believe that it wouldn't be good to think that you were not able to have some pleasures from the food pallet, I have an addiction to crisps but I actually really enjoy good foods, and im fortunate that I have never had a sweet tooth. I think that if you dwell on not being allowed to have certain pleasures it's not good for you as being HAPPY is one of the greatest healers! So, some of the most important things that I think that aid the healing process are simple- Drink loads of water, be happy, be aware of 'now' and live life!! americanmike, We 'are' all different and I know that different things help and work for different people. I wish that I could just take a pill and be cured/healed but I haven't found that pill yet, that is why I have taken the road to natural healing. I will keep an open mind to new treatments and drugs. Thank you all so much for your support, this is the first time I have had communication with people that have the same illness, I don't feel so alone anymore! HazelTree
  11. Hi, I have been through a number of medications only to realise that this makes my illness worse. After iloprost infusions, I came out of hospital with my blood pressure so low that I was unable to walk around without collapsing. I have done extensive research into Scleroderma and Autoimmunity (Mainly CREST Syndrome). I believe that considering chemicals are a primary cause to illnesses, they are not going to heal or cure you. I know they can helps in times of extreme circumstances. I have not taken medication for the past 3 years, even one of my specialists told me 'The only thing I can recommend to you is to move to a warm country'. I now use organic vegetables etc. and don't use chemical products such as air fresheners and aerosols to cut down on the toxins around me. I am trying to heal my body through positive mind over matter using forms of yoga. I would like to hear other views on this! And please forgive the way I wrote this as I am not very good with words and have never posted onto a forum before!! HazelTree
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