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  1. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier Patty but l do not get on the computer as often as I would like. Life is just too busy. I have a diagnosis of mixed connective tissue disease. I don't think the Dr. knows for sure what kind of scleroderma I have for sure. I have some COPD, high BP, raynauds, three years ago my hands started swelling and I had some nodules on them,I have constant pain;similar to carpel tunnel syndrome, GI issues, and "toothache " like pains in my knees, wrist, toes and ankles. (This has since improved some) and sicca. If I over use my voice I will get hoarse. I cannot read a story to my son past about 5 pages because my throat starts to hack constantly even if I drink water. So who knows what's really going on? But thank you for all that replied to my post, em
  2. oh sorry, I also forgot to mention I have a low C3. It fluctuates depending on how much joint pain and inflammation my body is dealing with. em
  3. Than you for replying. I am at a junction right now. My doctor relocated. There is no rheumatologist in the area; I would need to travel. So I guess that what brings me back to the "forums". So just for my clarity. raynauds alone would not produce the positive labs? My mother also has some sort of autoimmune disease but they cannot give her a clear diagnosis. Due to her age (82) she does have some degenerative joint disease. Her BP is all over the place. She has the other usual complaints very swollen hands, fatigue, cold toes, terrible stiffness at times that can last for weeks. After being on prednisone for a couple of years the one thing that finally gave her some relief is hydroxychloroquine. Also my grandparents were diseased before I was born and Ijust learned my mother's mother died from Brights disease. My mother's labs come back almost normal (go figure). So now I have to figure out what steps I need to take that is best for me and my family. I have intestinal issues and high BP along with the previous complaints I stated in my earlier post. It looks like for now I have sine scleroderma with a crossover of lupus. Without skin involvment will the doctor ever really know for sure? Thanks, em
  4. Thanks for the replies, I have been at this for several years. I just like coming onto the forums every now and again to see if new info. has been learned. I have found over time that I get more info. from the patiences experiences. Plus the info. is more condensed a lot of people a lot of Dr. visits, a lot of shared experiences. I have had raynauds for about 10 years. This was my first problem. I just keep waiting for science to catch-up with me.I knew then that a positive ANA was not a factor of raynauds but science is full of contradictions. I have not been tested for an ANA in the past year. My Dr. said I have tested positive enough times. Not in titers reg. 0-99 and I have been in the 500's. My SCL-70 test 0-99 reg. I have tests in the 300's. I have the usual complaints. Thanks again This seems like a nice place, em
  5. Several times I have tested positive for the scl-70 test. Could raynauds cause this? I also have a positive ANA. Newbie here, elizabethmarie
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