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  1. bowbec

    Domperidone (motillium)

    Wow, Shelley, that's scary. My dr just prescribed it for me. I'm in Tennessee and it is a compound prescription. It will be $60 for 90 pills. Picking it up tomorrow... I think...
  2. bowbec


    My gastro doctor just told me my esophagus was paralyzed from the scleroderma. She prescribed a compound drug, domperidone, and Dexilant. Has any one taken these drugs? And if so, did they work. My reflux is so bad I have a chronic cough and I keep tearing intercostal muscles. Very painful! Any advice at all? Thanks! Becky
  3. bowbec

    Frozen Shoulder

    I had my shoulder x-rayed last week and it showed an impingement. I am going to start therapy next week and then we will go from there. Thanks to everyone for you help! Warm Wishes Becky
  4. bowbec

    Frozen Shoulder

    Thanks for all the encouragement! Especially the info about therapy! Warm wishes to all Becky :emoticons-line-dance:
  5. bowbec

    Frozen Shoulder

    Do you know anything about a frozen shoulder? Treatment or exercise? Surgery? This has been going on for the past 6 months. I am currently taking over the counter NSAIDS for it. Helps but still lots of pain, Any Suggestions?:emoticon-dont-know: I have diffuse Scleroderma. Just tapered off prednisone. Been off now for one month. I had steroid shot in my shoulder in June but no help at all. I'm going in for x-ray next week. My doctor wants to check for tears and damage before proceeding. Thanks! Becky
  6. bowbec

    Whine~ Spoons are Tarnished and Ruined!

    Jeannie, So sorry you're not feeling well. I would defiantly try the Margarita… Lots of Love, Becky
  7. bowbec

    My finger is going dead

    I take 60 mg Procardia XL each day plus a low dose aspirin. Also take 10 mg prednisone. Every Scleroderma/Raynauds case is different. I would strongly suggest contacting your doctor again. ASAP!!! Warm wishes, Becky
  8. bowbec

    Happy Dance time

    Margaret, That is great news! Could Gareth's daily Vitamin D really be the key? I'm trying that! Thanks for your info!!! Hope heart issuse resolve quickly! ((hugs)to both of you)) Becky
  9. bowbec

    Our Sweet Peanut

    Jen, I had been wondering why she never started posting again. Hope everything is OK. Thanks for keeping us posted. Warm Wishes, Becky
  10. Jeannie explained it well. The only thing I could add is: the technician that did mine was male... that was a little strange. How you get good results! Becky
  11. bowbec

    Checking In

    Nina, Glad to heard that things are better for you! Keep hanging in there, we are all going to feel better when spring gets here! blessings You! Becky
  12. bowbec

    Fixed Bridges

    Clem, Hoping at this time you have got all the dental work done. How is the bridge now? Did the dentist re-cement it? How did the other crowns go? Hope all is fitting well now! Smile! Becky
  13. Hey Everyone, Have you every tried corn bags to stay warm? These are home made (of course they also sell online) cloth bags about 22 x 9 inches filled with about 4 pounds of clean feed corn. I received one as a gift last year and this year I made them and gave for gifts. Anyway, you put this bag in the microwave for 3 minutes and it stays warm for an hour or more. I lay it in my lap while I am at the computer and also take it to bed with me. It is great! Better than a heating pad cause you don't have to worry about turning it off! Stay Warm! Becky
  14. bowbec

    Raynaud's at work

    Karen, Check into silk long john underwear. You can get through popular mail order catalogs. Wear the pants, if you can't wear the top, wear 2 lab coats... If she can't see them..ie, underwear... how would she even know? I wear the silk underwear long johns under my uniform because it is not bulky. It is very comfortable too! Stay Warm! Becky
  15. bowbec

    Finger ulcers

    Michelle, I presently have a finger ulcer. My doctor called it a digital infarction. He said the finger looses blood supply and dies. When it is dying it is the most painful. He prescribed Nitroglycerin cream as a topical ointment to be applied directly on the ulcer. I also take procardia 60 mg for my circulation and one baby asprin a day. Keep them clean and protected. Hope this helps! Bless You, Becky