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  1. I have one, my doctor just filled out a script for it and I took it to the DMV. I was on oxygen at the time. I have Artery disease in my legs which makes it hard to walk long distances, also severe Raynauds and SOB. I know what you mean with the car starter, it was my Holiday present from hubby last year. I love it. Brenda
  2. Hi Janey, thanks for the links. I will let you know how the appt goes. I want to ask the doctor about the UCTD. I have symptoms that no one seems to know why I have them. Shortness of breath, chest pains, weakness and fatigue.. It would be nice if I could get answers. Thanks everyone Brenda
  3. Hi Patty, thanks for the reply. I think you misread, I have to go to the rheumatologist for a recheck not redneck, don't worry I do the same thing. I take Estrogen and 1000mg of Calcium for now. My bloodwork was negative for Sclero and lupus but I have a high ANA. I am going to mention the osteopenia to the rheumatologist I am now seeing. I think I am way to young to have it and there has got to be a reason. I also have vascular disease and don't smoke so thats another thing. Thanks again for replying Brenda
  4. Hi Sweet! I receive SSD and my daughters recieve SSI. It takes a long time most of the time depending on the state you live in. It took me 2 1/2 years. My first Application was denied which they say isn't unusual. So I had to wait a year to go before a disability judge to explain my case. You will also get backpay which is when you first became disabled, they will decide when you became disabled. So if you were disabled according to them 3 years ago you get a huge check. I get a monthly check and my daughters get one to. It goes by how much ss you put in when you worked. I believe and
  5. My first time posting on the new board so hope I do it right. I have a question on Osteopenia. I was diagnosed with osteopenia (First sign of osteoporosis) last year when my Rhematologist did a bone scan on me, I had a broken rib that I had no idea how it broke so he wanted to see how the bones were. I am 34 years old (to young for bone loss) so I am curious if Scleroderma can cause bone loss. I had mentioned it to the first rheumatologist I had but not to this last one I went to. I forgot to mention it to him. I go back on the 9th for a recheck so I was going to ask then. Haven't been di
  6. It was very easy!! No problems at all. Thanks, I like the new board. Brenda
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