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    I too have lung problems because of scleroderma. I was going to have a baby till I found that out. My doctor said it may make my condition worse after having the baby. So I decided not to and I had an inter-uterine device put in. I just didn't want to make anything worse. After all we need to be here for our children and I didn't want to depend on my family to take care of my child. Even though they would. But good luck to you and I hope all goes well. After all we don't know what is going to happen neither do the doctors, just have faith.
  2. Im am angry also. But not at my family, im angry I was just starteing my life with a great man. And we ddecided to have a baby until I found out it was affecting my lungs.So we decided not to. Who knows what can happen. But I think are familys go threw denail.They dont want to think what can happen. So they pull away or try to do things to block it out. It was hard for my husband to admitt he was scared but he finally did. The day I found out I had scleroderma he lost it he cried like a baby. We suspected taht I had it and done research before I went to the ra doctor. And we hoped it wasn't scleroderma and it was. Ive been mad at my self because did I do something to cause this. Why did it have to happen to me now sence I got my life straigt. BUt I have trouble getting help with the house work. I figured out if I dont feel like doing it I dont my health is more important. And we all no rest is important and it helps with the muscle aches. MArie just hang in there. Your husband will come around. I know you proably feel lonely but your not alone were all here for you. I no how important it is for your husband to be close and help you. But until he's ready to face that your sick theres nothing you can do. JUst show him that you still love him. And spend time with him one on one and try not to bring it up for a while. Maybe it will soak in and you can talk to him about it. He loves you its just hard to think that you can get very ill or even lose you ffrom this. All I can say men are werid. But Good luck
  3. hello, im bipolar so I suffer from depresion quite offten. Myself I didn't find wellburtin effective. It only made me worse. I had several panic attacks while on it. I had to try many medications before I found the right one. Also a good support group of conselor helps. Write down everything that is bothering you. You won't believe how much that helps. I take triliptal and lexipro and seroquell and I found it effective. Dont give up hope you may be depressed one day and it will eventually get better. alsways call a friend or a help line or even go to the er if it gets to bad. best wishes
  4. well I want to be rembered as a strong willed person that loved life. But I know also that people will say that I always complained about something hurting or not feeling good just about every day. But anyone that truly knows me will know that I didn't give up with out a fight. We never know when we might be taken or what life has in store for us. But we just have to have faith and believe that things are for the best. Thank you
  5. Hi my name is Cathy. I just went to my rheumatologist today. I asked him about some of the drugs that they use for scleroderma. Like the stuff such as d-pen and a few others can't remember there name. but he said he would not prescribe them. that I could do a clinical study, which I'm very interested in doing. Does anyone know about the studies or know where I could do one? Or how they have came about these drugs. I've had scleroderma for about 3 years but just been diagnosed in December. I know there has to be more than what he has offered, pain pills. I also suffer from fibromyalgia. If anyone has any ideas, please send me a PM or email me or anyone that would like to talk about the disease. I believe you can't suffer on your own you need friends. And it helps to have a friend that knows how you feel. Lots of love, cat hartley
  6. Hi my name is Cathy . I take previcid for my heart burn. Then I may have to take mylanta. Do you have any tips that may help.
  7. hi my name is cathy and I was diagnosis with diffuse scleroderma in Dec. I was wanting to get pregnant but I heard the disease get worse> Have you heard the same. I have no children of my own.
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