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  1. I am so glad that someone has brought this up and it isn't just me! I dread putting on a bra every morning, ugh the thought. I have certain bras that I just can't wear. As soon as I get home from work, I change into a tank top. The sports bras are great for under sweaters. Kristen
  2. Hi Guys, I too take 2 Prevacid a day for the reflux, but it isn't holding me. I woke up the other night only to throw up over the side of the bed. What a joy. Thank goodness my husband was working night shift. My doctor has given me a whole slew of meds to take but not sure whether to start or not. I am now in the depression era of it all again, since I had been in remission for so long, now am hating it. Just tired. Can't eat, can't sleep, can't go to the bathroom one day, and can't stop the next, can't breathe, and yet the doctor says "oh,, your not too bad." Right?, does he live my
  3. What an article! Needless, since I am going to my dr. next week, it got printed. And since the remission (and party as I also like to call it) is over, it was a bit of a choker.
  4. Hi Denelle, I understand completely how you feel. I have the same feeling at times with the heart beating extremely fast. I have had test after test run and to no avail. It has been diagnosed as Tachycardia but it never shows up anywhere! But let me tell you it is so highly annoying to lying in bed and not be able to sleep because you swear your heart is going to pound out of your chest or stop altogether! I hate it. I remember the first time I said something, it was to the nurse at the school where I worked and she was a real doozie anyway. She looked at me like I had 3 heads asking h
  5. Okay, so the husband is mad! I have had a migraine for about a week now as well as the beginnings of microstomia as well as pain in my legs that wake me in the night. And I just made the Dr. appt yesterday. Okay, so he can't get me in until next week , still good, eh? The husband is mad I waited so long. Am I the only one. I sometimes hate going. And my acid reflux is so bad I am throwing up even with a double dose of Prevacid. Sorry forgot that one too. Just venting I guess, and wondering if I am the only one who does this.
  6. My daughter is a senior in high school (like I need anymore stress) and I was wondering if anyone has heard of any scholarships for children of SC patients? They have scholarships for children of lupus patients, ms patients, but not us! HELLO, don't we count?
  7. Peanut, I have sores all throughout my mouth, not like the normal cold sores. I have had those before and have done the lysine. I am even on Valtrex right now. I feel like my teeth are ready to fall out at any time! They are that sore. The roof of my mouth is puffy from sores and even my gums. I told my husband that it feels as if my mouth would just feel better if my teeth were just all removed. Or as if they were while I was sleeping and I have really bad dentures. I remember my fatheri -in-law complaining about his dentures when he was alive, maybe this is the payback I get for not
  8. Woohoo, just talked to my dentist this morning and he is prescribing drugs for the pain. Gotta love that! Especially since I started with the mouth ulcers last night and my teeth feel like they are falling out! Talk about pain!
  9. Lordy, do I ever! The headaches are getting worse too! And you know what is driving me insane - it's when I will be out by myself and all of a sudden realize I am doing it, clenching my teeth or grinding my teeth! I do it subconsiously! its maddening! Like I have some kind of weird habit or forbid a (dare I say it) a disease!
  10. This might seem really weird, but nothing anymore with any of us is weird anymore. I am finding that I am cutting into my bottom lip with my top teeth. It really hurts too! I don't know it has anything to do with my mouth getting smaller or what, but it almost feels like my teeth are getting bigger. And I feel like I am clenching my teeth almost all of the time. I can't chew gum for more than a couple of minutes at a time or my jaws get sore. If I look at the inside of my bottom lip, I can see teeth marks and it is really red, almost like I have been chewing. Does anyone else have this
  11. I have had them, and they are painful. At one point I had a migraine that lasted over a week and landed me in the hospital. After many painful tests in the ER, it was finally determined that it was one of my meds that I was taking for my acid reflux. Once it got out of my system, the migraine went away. I still get them now right before I get my period, but that is due to perimenopause. And the dr. has said that that is due to the SD as well. This disease is such a joy! I love it. so much fun. NOT! Have your doctor check all of your meds and counter reactions. See if there might be
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