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  1. I don't know if this helps at all, but I have been referred to an dermaimmunologist. I didn't even know one existed! He only see's people with immune related skin disorders, and is a researcher. I'm hoping for good things from him. I see him on the 28th. Just wondering if you couldn't see if one is in your area as well. Good luck.
  2. Tru, I am sorry about your toe. I love the way you look at it though. I had a bad night last night, but a bit overwrought and let emotion take me. What did that do, it seems to have made the Lichen Sclerosis flare. BIG TIME. Got a gander at it today with a mirror...ugh. Red, inflammed, the area above the clitoris irritated, the line along one vulval lip..ouchie. Today is rheumatologist day for me. I'm almost afraid to go! OH...went to the dermatologist yesterday (boy howdy do I need a different one...he was so busy doing microdermabrasions, that my questions on
  3. Vulvar biopsy in. Lichen Sclerosis is confirmed. She thinks they caught it very early. Even though I knew it...it's still a bummer.
  4. I love you Tru. I'm sorry you were up and hurting, and I talked to a friend, who is a therapist, tonight, and am coming to understand control freak issues. I do 'get it'. I am calming down. My initial response is always panic (tis a curse), then gradual understanding. Thank you for your post. Today is dermatologist, and record gathering for the rheumatologist on Tuesday. I plan to stay busy, and stay proactive. I've decided I may as well name my morphea spots as they are going to be with me for some time probably. I may as well be friends with them...and I've
  5. Janey, Huge hugs to you. I've a friend that is a therapist and we talked tonight. She said, 'you control freaks have the hardest time coming to terms that you can't fix something and you must just deal with whatever it is." She also informed me it is alright to be scared and human, and that control freaks read....it's what they do, until they feel they understand, and that, in itself is some form of control of the uncontrollable. I think that makes a great deal of sense! Now more hugs to you as that blessing is my grandson, not my child. :D Happy dancing all over that you wo
  6. Sheryl, I'm gonna try and be in chat tonight. I've so many questions! I see you live in Brooklyn, MI. I live in Howell, MI !!! I was just contacted by Barb (I love that woman) from a sclero support group, and she seems to always bring me peace of mind. I seem to not be able to get over the worry about this morphea, and it seems hubby has found 3 more spots that look iffy. I feel bad complaining about them because...well, others here have so much more to deal with. But it scares me, that and the lichen sclerosis. Yesterday I was up...today (yell at me Tru) I read
  7. Tru ~ I have two Cavs...and I love them to bits...went from bulldogs to cavs, so quite a difference, personality and look-wise. Dear powers that be, per the TOS of this site, is it allowable to post links to places like photobucket so we can share pics of things like our dogs (I'd love Tru to see them). Can links to that be sent via PM?
  8. Sending you good thoughts. I'm so sorry to hear this is happening.
  9. Erin, Thank you for the kind welcome. I just heard from the gastro. All my results are in, and all good. Nothing showing in any blood tests that would indicate systemic. I feel MUCH relief in this. I'm glad the gastro had me go have them, so I'd not fret through the weekend. So it looks it may only be the morphea for me....and I'll stay on that, and do what I have to to make that better. Also will be seeing the rheumatologist to be doubly sure I am doing as I should. Hugs all around, and let us all now form a circle (or are you all line dancers?) and do the happ
  10. I'm calling the therapist today. I just found out my insurance pays 100% for 20 visits! What a great thing. Barefut... I was glad to read it the counselor helped you. I think one of the things that will help me most is getting my blood results back. My Monday dermatologist appt and learning how they plan to treat the lesions, and the Tuesday rheumatologist appt to cry all over him and unburden all my fears, see what he has to say about them, besides...'good grief woman, I'm going to have to charge you extra for those three boxes of tissue!!!". Thank you, sweet lady! Sweet,
  11. You know, I knew it was morphea. The dermatologist (actually the PA...you know, if you pay for a doctor, you ought to get a doctor *stumbles off minor soapbox moment*) had pretty much AVOWED it was prior to biopsy being back, and when I went to my gastro yesterday he got a gander and said the same thing... I guess kind of *knowing* it and then being told...there is a difference. It broke my heart, and I don't understand why. I am emotion driven, we'll leave it at that. Truman, while I know that if all it is is spots, it's the least...they are still on my body, and I don't know, I
  12. My biopsy results came back as morphea. I'm a bit bummed today as well, because I think I see 2 or 3 new spots coming up. No, not a bit. I'm bummed. Anyway, I had already (due to some wise advice) my appt with the rheumatologist set up and will see him on Tuesday. I was at the Gastro today who sent me for the following tests. IGA IMMUNOLOGLOBULIN A TTG - TRANSGLUTAMINASE AB HFP - HEPATIC FXN PANEL ANA - ANA CDT CLOSTER. DIFFICILLE TOXIN (know this one too well) SMAB ANTI-SMOOTH MUSCLE ANTIBODY AMA ANTI-MITOCHONDRIAL AB I have IBS (hoping that doesn't mean something in
  13. Thank you Sweet. I had THE BEST call from my local Scleroderma support group leader. WOW. Talk about peace that comes with further understanding, a sympathetic ear, the voice of reason (and I mean her voice, it was just...hearing it, it makes me cry now...compassionate and kind, longsuffering and beautiful). I have my appt with the rheumatologist on Tuesday next. He wants me to wait til I get to him before I have my general practitioner send me for the blood tests, but for peace of mind, I want to go in with at least some of them. Is that unreasonable? I don't mind being poked tw
  14. Tru, May I ask how long it has been since your diagnosis?
  15. Thanks Jefa for information on how to post a pic... I have posted pics of my back with the 'suspected' morphea on the gallery. for some reason they are showing a bit...oddly, kind of shaded. I probably did something wrong. :blink: Any of you with localized scleroderma (morphea) does it look like that? Heading out on a date with hubby day. I hope you all find some unexpected happiness in this day. Thank you again for your guidance, help and ... for some peace! Karen
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