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  1. Hello Everyone, I kinda skipped ahead of the introductions and posted a few times. A little about my sweetie. She was diagnosed with SS in 1989. She has been through most of the usual symptoms. Symmetric thickening of skin, Finger ulcers, Raynaud's, Bowels and constipation to name a few. Her fingers have curled in ,and she has limited use, She had a stroke from bleeding in the left side of the brain that required Neurosurgery. She is now is fighting depression. She has been on various cocktails of medication for the last few years and seems to be getting a little better. On Nov 26th we are scheduled to see doctor Furst @ UCLA . He has truly changed our lives. We audio tape our visits to make sure his instructions are followed by our local Doctors. Best Wishes Bahaboyga
  2. Wife applied and was approved without a proplem. We live in Oregon ( not sure if that makes any difference) Good luck Bahaboyga
  3. Hello everyone, Thank you for the warm welcome. My wife was diagnosed in 1989 with SS. She has experienced most of the typical symptons such as skin ulcers, watermelon stomache,bowel problems and artritis. We live in a small town where the medical fiedls are lacking expertise. Our rumatogist thought she had CREST. After years of treatments that were not helping I finally contacted the office of Dr Furst @ UCLA. When I made the first call the appointment desk explained that Dr. Furst was not accepting new patients, I said thank you and good bye. Later that evening I recieved a call from Dr. Furst himself and explained her symptoms and made an appointment. After hanging up the phone I broke down and cried. Dr Furst has changed her life and done so much or us with medications and education. He pulled her off most of the medications the Rumatologist prscribed and gave us a full report to take to our Dr. at home and its been a miracle ever since. We see Dr. Furst once a year and he addresses her immediate needs. To find what was causing the headaches the Neuroligist had a CT scan done. Two days later another CT scan. 24 hours later she was in surgery. Her hands are severly deformed and arthritis and depression seem to be the big issues at the present. All internal organs seem to be fair at this time. Thanks for listening Bahaboyga
  4. Hi WestCoast1, My wife was having headaches for about a month. Our family Dr. gave her pain medication after about two weeks I took her to a Nuerologist. The Nuerologist had tests done and they found a subdural hematoma (Bleed) on one side of the brain. She ended up having surgery. A team of Doctors seemed to think it was Vasculitis. She hasn't had headache since the before the surgery and doing good other than some joint pain and swelling Best Wishes Bahaboyga
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