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  1. Ann R

    Severe Dry Eyes

    My opthamologist suggested 2400 mg of faxseed oil daily for dry eyes. It is helping my eyes as much as the Restasis did B).
  2. Ann R

    Spring Cleaning

    Our house rule is "whoever sees the dirt first gets to clean it up". Fortunately I am very nearsighted Hubby started doing the housework a couple of years ago. At first I would cringe at how he was doing stuff. Now I am grateful he does it. The only thing I do is wash my sweaters. One word of warning - if you are turning over the clothes washing to an "amature" hide the bleach!
  3. Ann R

    Childhood Things I Still Enjoy

    Waiting for it to snow Stomping in rain puddles Hot Chocolate made with real milk Tomato soup and grilled cheeese sandwich Playing with the exhibits at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia Watching the monkeys at the zoo Digging in the dirt and playing with the worms (now it's called gardening :P ) Looking for 4 leaf clovers Blowing bubbles Catching Lightning bugs (and letting them go) Playing "pick up sticks" (I cheat :blush: ) Watching Road Runner cartoons
  4. Ann R

    New Symptom

    I've had tingling under the skin for about 3 years now - hands, arms, legs and face. Some days it drives me crazy :wacko: . The only explanation my Doctors can come up with is irritation of the nerve endings but not a reason why they may be irritated.
  5. Ann R

    Tachycardia And Arrythmias?

    The more I read everyone's posts the more amazed I am at all the similar symptoms we have and how difficult it is for the medical community to put everything together and come up with a diagnosis! In 1974 when I was in the hospital for testing my cardiologist looked at me and said "what just happened? I lost you for a few seconds." I had no idea what he was talking about. A few minutes later he said "it just happened again". I just looked at him. He put a 24 holter monitor on me and found my heart would take off racing at over 180 beats per minute and my blood pressure would plummet. At that time the monitors actually had a tape in them and I ran the tape out. I was literally blacking out for a few seconds everytime my heart would race. I was so used to the feeling that I thought it was normal! What ever was causing the problem has resolved itself over the years. Looking back I had one smart cardiologist :) . In 1974 on my chart he had written "SLE (scleroderma?)". He was on the right track way back then. I'll never forget looking up SLE and scleroderma and hoping I had Lupus :o !
  6. Ann R

    Pain Clinic

    My hubby has vast experience with Pain Management Clinics - about 5 years worth due to his back. Most pain doctors are anethesioligists (sp?). The Pain Dr. will evaluate your pain, may order tests and sets up a treatment program to help you manage your pain and to improve your quality of life. This may include medications, epidural injections, bio-feedback, physical therapy, home exercises and other ways to help you control pain. Like any other specialists there are bad, good and great clinics (we've seen them all!). After 4 years on heavy doses of pain medication my husband got a neuro-stimulator implanted (like a super-duper internal TENS unit) and he is off all pain meds. Does he still have pain? - Yes, but it is within a managable level for him and he now feels in control of his life again. Constant pain puts your body under terrible stress - as if living with a chronic disease that changes almost daily isn't enough cause for stress. If pain can be controlled it really will make a difference in your day to day outlook on life.
  7. Ann R

    Heart Echo

    Mary, I have the myoview and stress test done yearly. The myoview is basically taking pictures of your heart with a contrast before you do the stress test The stress test will speed your heart rate up chemically instead of having you walk on a treadmill. I think it lasts for 3 minutes. You may feel nauseous :unsure: or lightheaded. This is normal with the test. Just let the person administering the test know how you are feeling. The way you feel determines the amount of the antidote they need to give you to reverse the effects. You will probably get another myoview after the stress test. The worse part is the nauseous feeling but that only lasts a few minutes until the stress test is completed. All in all it's not too bad just takes some time. Ann
  8. Ann R


    I haven't felt hungry or had hunger pangs for a couple of years. I just ate by the clock. This spring I started having problems with feeling full after a few bites and lost 25 pounds in 2 months. Had a gastric emptying scan done and it showed my stomach was emptying slower than it should (75% of test meal was still in stomach at test end while taking Reglan). Now I eat by serving size. The joke at work is that I eat all day long - and I do - a spoonful of applesauce, a spoonful of cottage cheese, a spoonful of peanut butter :D. On days when I really can't eat anything I drink a hot instant breakfast drink. I always said if only I didn't feel hungry I'd lose weight. Be careful what you wish for :rolleyes: Ann