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  1. Don't worry, it's not a big deal. I was in for a bit of a shock, though, when I went in for my appointment. to get the shot. I thought it was just a shot into the muscle and I walk in and the doctor and assistant are wearing the metal aprons and all. I asked if I was having the correct procedure!! Anyways, it didn't hurt much and there is no need to be knocked out. Take a pain reliever ahead of time, if you want. I sure it's much easier than in the neck. PS It didn't help me at all and I had a nice cortisone flush for a couple of days. Kim
  2. I keep a bottle of lotion next to the toilet. Just use of dab of lotion on the toilet paper every time. I find it helps to prevent the problem rather than cure it. My son prefers the zinc ointment. My nurse practitioner insists I take 2 Metamucil every day. They also told me to take a stool softener every day. Simethicone products help with the gas. Kim
  3. I know this is a very personal decision but you might consider if having an only child is really that bad. For awhile we considered a second child and now that my son is almost 16, I'm so glad we didn't. I am "mom" to a bunch of his friends and would rather focus my limited energy and awake time on being the best mother I can be. PS, Our dream family was going to be 2 girls. I'm now coach of a robotics team and I get to work with the most wonderful girls who join the team. There are many ways to be a mom. Kim
  4. I wanted to pass on some information on your ANA score. Don't panic about the number. The way it's measured it doubles with every increase. So it goes from 80 to 160 to 320 to 640 to 1280 to 2560 to 5120 to ... So as you can see the number climbs very fast, it doesn't mean a whole lot whether you're 2560 or 5120. Hope that puts your mind at ease. K
  5. Hi, Low Vit. D is a huge problem. You may not find it changes any of your symptoms, though, but it may slow things down. The government is now finally bumping up the recommended Vit. D amounts for children. There are so many diseases that show up with increasing frequency, the farther away from the equator you get. (Interestingly, the women who cover themselves from head to foot for religious reasons, have the same problems.) The thing I want to stress is to make sure your children, your grandchildren and any child you have contact with, gets enough Vit. D. That is where you can m
  6. This is one for your doctor. I have a co-worker with curled fingers which made me think of sclero. He said he has a condition where the tendons tighten and pull in the fingers. Surgery has helped but I quess it's stayed the same for years now. He's in his 50's. I don't remember what he said it was called but not anything as serious as scler or cancer.
  7. What good news. Always love the updates. Kim
  8. Sara or Peanut, Thank you so much for all the updates. One favor, though: Could you start a new topic with the next update? The current one is getting rather long. Lots of love, Kim
  9. Yeah!! I had a 41 year old friend who sailed through heart surgery today to fix a hole in his heart. I'm so glad to hear the additional good news about Peanut, too. Sweet dreams for me tonight! Kim
  10. Sending another gentle hug. A big thanks to Peanut. You're helping all of us through your efforts. Thanks Sara for the information. Kim
  11. Lots of love from me too!! I'm sending you warm thoughts while I look at your artwork. Kim
  12. Just to warn you, your PFT results are only as good as the technician administering the test. I had 3 PFTs over 6 years in my home town and had DLCO results going from 130% down to 120%. I thought I was sitting pretty good. Then I went to Seattle at Virginia Mason and my new doctor couldn't believe my PFT results so he redid them. My DLCO is actually only 76%. They don't even use the same comparison data to determine the percentages. So if you have concerns, make sure you go to a clinic that specializes in the testing.
  13. Take care. Sending you my best wishes. Good luck. Kim Love your artwork!! Thanks so much.
  14. I haven't experienced anything like that but you're scaring me. Limit yourself to just a couple at a time (after you talk to your doctor) and check the ingredient list and talk to your doctor. Take care, Kim
  15. You are a 32 year old with 3 boys. My nurse practitioner says it's not that uncommon. I haven't nursed my only child for 14 years but I still have a significant amount of discharge. My prolactin levels have been tested a couple of times but only went up when I took Reglan. Some women are just that way. I wouldn't worry too much. Kim
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