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  1. hi nan,i have what looks like a varicose vein(bluish vein)under my left eye where you would have dark circles at.my daughter noticed it about a week ago,now it really bothers me,along with shrinking lips I now have a permanent black eye.lol well take care...memeto2
  2. hi everyone,its been awhile since I have been on here,its good to be back.my question is if you are positive for having the SCL70 in your blood, does that mean there is a good chance that you do have diffuse scleroderma?i did go to the link on SCL70,but it didn't really say.thanks alot for answeringtake care memeto2
  3. i would definitly(sp?) go with the lawyer who is a nurse,if she is in the medical field she can better speak on your behalf.good luck!!!!! take care memeto2
  4. i have a friend at work that has it,she has had it about 2 years now.memeto2
  5. i was diagnosed at age 37,i had numbness in my hands and felt really tired,but I didn't go to the doctor for that I just brushed it off...until my leg swelled up and I finally went ,and they found I had a blood clot,and did blood work and discovered I had scleroderma.i have been to john hopkins and the dr there says I have limited,but my reumatologist says it is diffuse,i have sausage fingers,tendon rubs,my mouth looks differant because my lips are shrinking.im not as tired as I was this time last year,so things arent that bad right now.take care memeto2
  6. thanks pam and heidi,yes heidi that is correct,it is how they are going to treat it.that is what has me confused,i really dont want to do the I.v treatment if I dont have to.i go back to john hopkins february 14 and I will have alot more questions for the dr.and yes I still might decide to go to pittsburg,a third opinion won't hurt.my rheumotologist used to work in pittsburg and knows dr medsger personnally.as a matter of fact he called him while I was there thursday.dr medsger told him he would have to see me and that I would have to have some lung involvement,which I will have my pft's done
  7. hello,well I had an appointment with my reumatologist thursday,i havnt seen him since I have been to john hopkins.he asked me what dr wigley said and I told him that he said I had limited sclero.well he doesn't agree.he said he feels it is diffuse because of all the tightening around my mouth and my fingers being so swollen.he said dr wigley has only seen you this one time and hasnt seen the changes in you like I have over the last 16 months.well now he wants me to go to pittsburg to see dr medsger.i am soo confused ,i dont know if I should go there or not.im tired of all these dr appo
  8. Hi barefut, Yes, I also have a friction rub on my left hand. It runs down the side where my pinky is and you can feel it into my wrist. It's a crunching feeling when I open and close my fist. I was scared when I first felt it (about 4 months ago). I didn't know what in the world it was until I went to the doctor and that's what he said it was. I don't guess they do anything for them. Take care, memeto2 (melissa)
  9. thanks elehos I will tell her..memeto2(ME;ISSA)
  10. hi everyone,a friend of mine whom also has scleroderma,but doesn't have access to a computer called me last night and was telling me she is getting little blisters all over her hands,she said that when sthey bust there is yellow pus,but they are not sore and do not turn into an ulcer.i have never got those before ,so I told her I would get on here and ask if maybe you all have got these and what are they?thanks for any input,she will appreciate it..memeto2(melissa)
  11. hi marie,you just dont know this doctor he is one in a million,very very nasty and doesn't care less!!i did call the virginia board of medicine and they told me that he had to release them,and to fax him again,and if he doesn't file a complaint on him.well I havnt done that yet,i just hate to get all stressed out over this.and I know he will be a complete jerk.and when I get cornered I freeze...but hopefully I will find the courage to fight back..thanks memeto2(melissa)
  12. is that the site that tells you if you qualify for disability?i remember going to that site.maybe you did send it to me,i hate to say this but I dont remember...thanks nan,your great!!!!memeto2
  13. hello and welcome,when I had ulcers on my fingers I used nitro cream,you put it on around the ulcer and leave it on 20 minutes,you can do this 3 times a day.it really helped me I dont think I would have liked the patch either having to were it to often.and yes my gums are receading pretty bad actually ,but I dont know if this is related to sclero.and for the pft my dr said if everything is ok than every year it should be done.take care.memeto2
  14. hi,i was wondering ,if you have limited sclero.do they automatically turn you down for it?i was going to apply thats when my local dr. told me I had diffuse,now im told by dr. wigley I have limited,dont get me wrong im very happy to have limited but I still feel terrible at times.congrats on getting it !!!!!!memeto2
  15. hi nan,i called doctor wigleys office and they called me back in about 2 days.but I had to wait 2 months before I was able to get in.and he does see new patients on thursdays.take care memeto2
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