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  1. yeaaaaah, peanut is going home! She has been so brave and has been through so much with this procedure. I am so happy to see her progressing so well at this point considering what all she has been through!!!!!!!!!!! When I first found this website, Peanut was one of the ones to reply to me and give me courage and hope. I also miss her in the chat room! She is truly a wonderful person and I will be glad to hear from her in person. love, Mel
  2. Gidget, You are right! I do have dry cough during the day and I also wheeze at night. I am currently taking Prilosec and Reglan. My dr. recently raised the dosage but I can not tell the difference yet. I also have chronic pain in the gallbladder area but the US did not show gallbladder problems so my doctor is sending me to GI specialist. My rheumatologist also wants me to have swallow study done. Sometimes I can feel my throat trying to "close up". All of this is very disturbing and I am so ready to get some relief! thanx for understanding and all of your great advic
  3. Hey guys, sorry it has been so long but my symptoms have been progressing quickly now and I am going to dr after dr. I have been not sleeping at nite because I will wake up several times coughing and will vomit in my sleep. This has become normal for me and I do not even sleep in the bed with my fiance anymore for fear that I wil disturb his sleep. Does anyone else vomit in their sleep? Or am I just crazy? Would love to hear from you Mel
  4. Hi friends, I have a question. For about a month now, I start coughing badly while asleep. I can still half way sleep thru the coughing but now the coughing leads to vomiting while in bed!! Does anyone else have this problem? This is very scary! What if some night, I don't wake up and wind up aspirating in my sleep? So I am trying sleeping on two pillows to see if this helps. My rheumatologist has now put me on Reglan 4 times a day but so far not helping the vomiting. Anyone? Sincerely, Mel PS. I am currently on short term disability from work and am going to try to get
  5. Hey guys, Sorry it have been so long since I have been to our website! As most of you know I lost my mom in April to cancer. During this time I have had to put my symptoms aside! As a result, my symptoms have been progressing quickly. New problems almost everyday! I have had an ulcer on my tongue for about 2 mths. now. Antibiotics have not helped.... I finally went to oral surgeon and he told me that it was CTD related. He also wants it to get completely well. If not gone in a few weeks then he will do a biopsy on this! I am not excited at all. Also, it is getting harder a
  6. Ryan, your mother is very lucky to have you looking after her! Tru, Wish you the best of luck! You are a trooper! sincerely, Mel
  7. I want to say thank you all for the care and support you offer during this grieving period of time for me. Mother's day will be VERY HARD since it has not even been a month since losing my mother. I do go to my rheumatologist on May 19 and I will definitely tell her about the sclerosing hands! Again thanx for your support! You guys are all special people. You all understand what all I'm going through where others try to understand but can't fully...................... Love, Mel
  8. hey guys, It has been a long time since I have talked to you guys! I am sorry for that and I have missed you all. I recently lost my mom to lung cancer. I have obviously had to put my symptoms and feelings aside to be with my mom during this time. It has been very hard........ Just recently I have noticed a change in my hands. I have noticed that from my "mid forearm" down to my hands that I seem to be sclerosing. my hands and mid forearms seem to be "condensing" and "getting hard". Is there anyone else that has experienced this. It is obvious from the mid forearm the difference i
  9. Hi everyone! I would like to know if many of you have your hands cramping all of the time? Also, when I walk really fast my legs feel like they weigh about 50 lbs a piece! Does anyone else feel this? My rheumatologist recently raised my norvasc to 10mg to try to help with my raynauds. I am wondering if it is from the norvasc dosage being increased or if this is normal with scleroderma? by the way my raynaud's has not improved! :P sincerely mel
  10. Kamlesh, Wishing you good luck! Mel
  11. Shelley, Thanx for the encouragement! Actually it was my mom who told me that it was rough BUT she was diagnosed with lung cancer when she had hers done so maybe that is why it was so hard for her... However, I do smoke :blink: Anyway, I am not as scared now! Thanx, Mel
  12. Hey all, I am scheduled to have my first PFT on the 22nd :( I have heard that this can be pretty rough! I am scared :unsure: Can I get some feedback on what to expect? Thanks guys you all are great! :D :D Mel
  13. Snowbird The itchy skin is really irritating :huh: I use lots and lots of lotion! My rheumatologist told me to use paraffin baths? Right now this is expensive to me so I have not used it yet. As you know, I am new to this disorder :( Maybe someone will give us some really good tips!!!!!!!!! take care, Mel
  14. Sam, Hi! I am new here. I too have had the flu. I even had the flu vaccine!!!!!!! :( I was diagnosed in august with scleroderma and this is the first illness I have really had since being diagnosed.... The Dr even talked about hospitalizing me! :o It is going to take some getting used to getting sick more often! I hope you feel better soon! ;) Sincerely, Mel
  15. Hi Suzette! I am new here also. The people are great. Everyone is very supportive, knowledgeable, and of course understanding :D The chat sessions are great too!!!!! Warm wishes Mel
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