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  1. Hi Jenifer, I have a daughter born 1998, then I had 2 miscarriages. Doctor had me take baby aspirin, and progesterone for the first 3 months of my next pregnancy with my son born 2005. In 2006 I had extreme fatigue and joint pain had a positive ANA and SCL-70. (still have positive blood but no diagnosis yet) found out I was pregnant again in 2007 started baby aspirin and progesterone for first 3 months then just took the baby aspirin till 2 weeks before the delivery. I saw a neonatal specialist for the third pregnancy because of the suspect of sclero but all went well. Truthfully, when I was pregnant I felt "normal" again. Best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi Shennen, I have always stayed anonymous,this is my first post. I have been reading all the posts for about 2 years now. I got really achy one day while shopping, I felt like I was getting the flu. I waited a few weeks but I never got sick, just the achiness. After the holidays I finally went to my primary care physician, he sent me for blood work and I had a +ana. So then I went to a rheumatologist. and with further blood work he found a + scl-70. My symptoms for the first year were extreme pain in hands, wrists, and arms with swelling in hands during sleep and in morning. Chronic burping and heartburn. I have dark skin patches on both temples moving down sides of face, and a 2 by 3 inch patch of numb slightly thicker skin on my back. Not enough symptoms for any diagnosis and just n-saids for pain. Anyway last December I was surprised by pregnancy (my third child) during my pregnancy all my pain went away, even negative blood work it was amazing. (still major heartburn) It's been 3 month since I gave birth to my son and unfortunately the pain's been back for about 6 weeks, my back always feels tight, the numb spot is bigger. I went to my rheumatologist. and still no diagnosis, but now I'm going for a chest x-ray, pft, barium swallow, and to the eye dr. for an eye scan so she can put me on plaquenil. Anyway, my pregnancy may have been the last time I will have been pain free. I actually yelled at my husband because I had a my tubes tied(my idea! How many kids could you really have?) My neonatal specialist told me it could go either way during pregnancy, I was lucky I got better. Your choice has to be yours it is your life at risk. This is just my story and I should add that my pregnancy was a surprise. I don't think I would tried for a third baby in fear of getting sicker, but he is amazing and I'm so glad it happened.
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