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  1. Hi Doodlehead, I haven't been on here for a really long time, but happened to be browsing and noticed your post. I know exactly what you are talking about. My scars seemed to thicken and the one I had from having my appendix out when I was six (I am 59) got really red and thicker. After many months they returned to a more normal size, although they are still thicker than they were before. I have Limited and was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago. Cheri
  2. Hi Peanut, I am so glad you are back!!! I haven't been on here for a long time, but saw that you were back and just had to say how much you were missed. I followed all your "getting well" posts that were posted by your friend, and I just want to tell you that you were greatly missed. Your sense of humor and everything that you had to share with everyone were so missed. I'm so happy you are doing better, and back again. You are such an inspiration. Lots of Hugs, Cheri
  3. Sara, thank you so much for the updates on Lisa. I am so happy for her. She is in my thoughts daily. Peanut, you are doing great - you are missed bunches on the forum!! Big hugs to you, Cheri
  4. Hi Peanut, I found your website because of somebody else's posting. You have a beautiful site - and beautiful artwork. I'm still sending you lots of healing energy. Cheri
  5. Thanks for letting us know, Tangie. I've been thinking about Peanut and wondering how she is doing. We miss you. You are a wonderful inspiration. I miss reading all of your posts. I am sending very positive thoughts your way. I'm looking forward to your posting again about how great you are doing. Lots of warm hugs, Cheri
  6. Peggy, You're in my thoughts and I hope everything will work out for you. Cheri
  7. Janey, Thank you so much for the dental implant information. The dentist wanted me to get two more and I was afraid to because of all the problems I had with the first one. Cheri
  8. Hi Linda, I'm so sorry you are in the hospital. Get better soon. I hope your toe is getting better too. Thanks, Ryan, for letting us know about your mom. Take care, Cheri
  9. Hi Tangie, I, too, had a dental implant. I guess just like with everything else, everybody is different. Supposedly, I haven't had Sclero for very long - I was diagnosed in November kind of by accident and things have been progressing since then. I had mine done (one) about six months ago and had a lot of problems and still do with scar tissue. It has healed with what the dentist said is like really thick skin around where it was done. I can still have a tooth put there, since the thickening is below where the tooth would go. He kept saying everything that happened was highly unusual. I didn't tell him anything about Scleroderma because it was too new and I didn't want anyone to know. Good luck - I hope it works out for you. It could be that I'm just "unusual." :unsure: Cheri
  10. Hi Grammy, Welcome! A few years ago I was losing a lot of hair and like you, was getting really concerned. I made a dermatologist appointment and she checked my iron "storage" and it was really low. She gave me a prescription for iron and my hair quit falling out. I had to take it for a year. About a year and a half later, the same thing happened, and it was the same problem. Another prescription and my hair quit falling out. I am now going through that again and will make another appt. She said that you don't even have to be anemic for hair to start falling out. But, if your body isn't storing the iron like it should be, that will make you lose hair. I hope this has helped you - I know how scarey that can be. Take care - Cheri
  11. Good Luck Sam. I hope you find the perfect job for you and your needs. Cheri
  12. Happy Birthday, Sadie - I hope you had a wonderful day!
  13. Good Luck, Linda - you can do it. I used to smoke. I had a hard time the first week and kept sneaking. I finally took all my cigarettes, broke them up, put them in water and set it on the porch. Every time I wanted one I would look at how disgusting the cigarette water looked. Also, I found drinking a glass of water (a nice, fresh clean one) every time I had the urge really helped. Hugs, Cheri
  14. Hi Lisa, I just want to say a big thank you for participating in the study. It sounds like you are going through a lot. I hope during your week off you'll have some time to relax. Hugs, Cheri
  15. Hi, Mine were fatigue and joint pain. I think I just lucked out with my doctor. She said they learned in medical school never to take the ANA tests because it was rare they were ever positive. She did that after my iron was in the low but normal range and thyroid came back normal. She sent me to a rheumatologist right away. So now everything is starting. Cheri
  16. How do you change your name? Do you have to register all over? I like Barefut's idea - I'll be Moo :D Aka Cheri
  17. Cheri


    Hi Barefut and Hi to everybody else too, That is so funny that you posted. I got on here to do just that. I wanted everybody to know how lucky they are to have such a wonderful person on their team. Barefut is such a nice, warm person and it was so great to meet her. She is an example of what people say when they say everybody on the forum is so "warm, friendly, and supportive." We had such a nice visit and it was so great to spend time with her. I hope we can make our appts. together because then I'll get more chances to visit with her. :) The only thing good about this disease is getting to know the wonderful people who have it! Warm Hugs, Cheri
  18. Hi Peanut, I've been thinking about you too. I wish you lots of good luck and I'll send positive thoughts your way. Cheri
  19. Hi Anonymom, Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but you have found a great place for lots of support. Everybody here is very warm and helpful, and there's lots of information. Feel free to ask lots of questions - I know I sure have. Cheri
  20. Hi Bunky, I, too, have puffy hands and fingers in the morning and it is hard to make a fist. Mine look more like sausages though (my fingers look like they shrunk during the night). Later on when the swelling goes down my fingerpads are all red and wrinkly or if I'm cold they are all wrinkly. I thought that was due to losing the pads on my fingertips because a few months ago they were normal looking and became really sore before looking like this. Also, if I hold anything or touch something, that part of my finger turns white and leaves a dent, which takes awhile to go back to normal again. Do yours do that? From reading what other people have said it is important to exercise your hands to keep them straight. I consciously stretch my hands open many, many times a day and lay them flat on a table and sort of push on it. Do you have Limited? I'm glad you asked the question, because I have been wondering the same thing about wrinkly fingers. :unsure: Take care - Cheri
  21. Congratulations, Janey - All of you who devote your time to help others are very special people. Thank you so much. Cheri
  22. Hi Barefut, I'm sorry you're feeling gloomy. You have a lot going on. I've had the gloomies all day because my granddaughter is moving back with her mom. It's good for both of them, sad and happy for me. She is my little buddy. When I'm feeling gloomy I like to read. It helps me get lost in somebody elses life. I don't know if you like to read or not, but I've always loved it. Sometimes I just get on here and read everything because everybody seems so friendly and that helps too when I'm feeling down. We don't live that far from each other and I'd still love to meet you. You can also call me anytime - my granddaughter will be going with her mom tomorrow. I'll send you a PM incase you lost my number. Just consider yourself hugged! You are very special. Love, Cheri
  23. Thanks, Dave - all of you who take the time to help other people are so appreciated! Cheri
  24. Hi Tracey, Welcome - although I think more women have this disease, I think there are probably a lot of men who have it too. To make a long story short, my little sister was adopted when she was 2 and I just found her a few years ago. Her "adopted" dad and I have become friends. My sister was telling me about some weird disease that I had never heard the name of before - and promptly forgot the name as soon as she told me. A year later when I was diagnosed with Scleroderma, it all of a sudden clicked that some of my symptoms sounded like things she had said about her dad although he has diffuse and I have limited. He is doing okay and he is even in his 70's. He has had the disease for about 10 years and when he came to visit two years ago (driving an RV from California to Washington where I live), I didn't even know he had a problem. It was after the visit that I learned what he had. He continues to do well and is thinking about coming to visit again this summer - driving his RV. This site is awesome - not only because the people are so warm, but they are so full of information and so willing to share. Welcome and hugs - Cheri
  25. Hi KarenLee, I'm pokey too - I had other things going on in my life and am just getting back to this. So, a big welcome. I know it's scarey when you don't know what's going on. I have recently been diagnosed with CREST Limited (in November) and I was really scared too. My original doctor gave me the diagnosis and told me not to read about it on the Internet until I saw the rheumatologist. So, of course, I immediately came home and read everything and was scared to death. Since becoming part of this site, it has really helped. There are so many warm and wonderful people and such great support. Now I have found that the more I know (the facts), the less fearful I am. At least it works that way for me. Or at least now it does. I guess too, with time, it always helps. Hugs, Cheri
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