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    Hi everyone, I haven't ppostedon here in a long time I, too suffer from fatigue all the time. I had to cut working down to 3 days a week because that's all the energy I have. I take thyroid meds so I know that is not it. My primary care doctor, who encouraged me to work less days, said that of course you are tired, you body is fighting a terrible disease and that takes a lot of energy. Also, a lot of the drugs I take can add to that fatigue. She says to get more rest, but don't just stop doing everything, because that would be giving in to the disease. She what I need is balance . Thanks Sammie
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    Welcome To Sammie And Karen

    Thanks Heidi, Have a great day, Sammie
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    Sclero Docs

    Hi, This is my firt post on this message board. I see several people in this thread mentioning Dr. Wigley at Johns Hopkins. I live in MD and that is who I see and he is really good. When I was first diagnosed in March of 2006, I called the Arthritis Foundaion for the names of doctors that specialize in Scleroderma and Johns Hopkins was recommended. So I called them and they asked for my records, blood tests cat scans and so on. Once they received them, they called me and said I was eligible to come there. There is certain criteria you must meet before they see you. I am not sure if he is specialist for juveniles, but am betting he is. By the way I was first diagnosed by me Primary Care Dr and Gastro doctor, My rheumatologist said she didn't think I had it, Dr. Wigley confirmed that I do. Good Luck, Sammie
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    Arghhhhhhhh Prednisone Again!

    Hey Patty, I have taken prednison for years. First for Lupus and now SD. One time a couple years ago, I didn't want to take it anymore so I weaned myself off of it. Then, a couple months later I ended up with pericarditis. I have been staying on it ever since. Right now I am on a maintenance does of 5mg. Sometimes I have to take more, but so far am al;ways to back down to 5. Just remeber it does help with the inflammation. Sammie