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  1. Hi Everybody, Hope you are all having the best day possible and your feeling all the wonderful support that this group offers. I know I sure am, now that I have found this forum. You are all so informative and supportive. I am going through diagnosis, as I have mentioned before. Last year I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Now I am fighting my way through all the stalling and waiting and asking for more tests. I can't believe how assertive we have to be on our own behalf. That isn't always easy when one feels ill or scared. Anyway, I see my general doctor again Monday to ask her, what next. I want a referral to a rheumatologist and a cardiologist. I have Shortness of Breath that has progressed and a blood pressure of 206/60 after the 9 minute treadmill test. I did get good news from the pulmonologist this week that he sees no sing of heart or lung involvement after looking at my chest xray and echo results!! He did not feel a need to do a CT scan though I wished he would have. I fianlly let myself relax and believe hm. :-) Anyway, sorry; long story. I also have a problem with belching throughout the day. Some days I hardly notice and some days like yesterday (I decided to write down how many times I belched) I belched more than 50 times... I am wondering if I have Myositis with a weakening of my diaphram and whatever?.. Oh man. Sorry guys. There aren't many people I am talking to about all this as when I do I sometimes think they think I'm just crazy about so many different symptoms when I look normal (except for my right hand which has enlarged fingers and deformed knuckles and is tight..... I appreciate any comments or information you might have that could help me with the direction I push for now. I just want to know what I have and get on with working at helping it... Thank you all so much. Let's make the best of our moments and love everything that IS right with us.... Love, Connie
  2. Hi Cheri, Don't be afraid if you can help it. I am new to this site also; new to autoimmune issues and am going through diagnosis now. I have Shortness of Breath with any exertion, a stiffness of my hand and knuckle deformity in two fingers. I have excercise induced systolic hypertension. I had great fatigue the end of last year and then recieved my diagnosis of Hashimotos thyroid disease. I had the antibody for that. I was started on thyroid supplement and many of those symptoms (like fatigue) went away. I was left with sore, stiff, weak muscles and joints (off and on) and the other current symptoms I mentioned above. Cheri, what was the pulmonary test you had that showed interstitial lung disease? I maybe should have it also. I have not even been sent to a Rhuematologist yet and I know he/she is the one I need to see. Be happy you have your appointment on the 10th. I am ,yet again seeing my general doctor this Monday. I won't let it all drop. I will request a referral to a Rheumatologist. I am almost being made to feel like I'm crazy for having so many different symptoms at one time. I am even having a burping problem (some days I burp every half hour all through the day).. From what I understand from my frantic internet readings ; Mild interstitial lung disease is very often controlled by medications for years and years. Be glad you were diagnosed with MILD ID.. I wish I could tell you something really happy and encouraging. Like I said , I am going through the Diagnosis/education process also and learning as I go. I will say that medicine is making unbelieveable breakthroughs now. With the further understanding of DNA and defective gene mapping and stem cell research; so many of all of our problems will be curable in the next many years. Let's hang in there. Let's do it together. Thank you for sharing your story. Please keep us informed and updated on what's going on with you. Try not to be afraid. You aren't going through this alone. Glad you and I found this site..... Connie
  3. Hi Janey, I am new to this site and new to the whole idea of more autoimmune disorders for me. I was diagnosed with Hasimotos last year and put on a thyroid supplement and that cleared up many symptoms I was having. Now I find I have continuing shortness of breath (with less and less exertion) and I am pushing through the medical system to find out why. I had an echo Monday and yesterday saw a pulmonologist. My echo was normal and he gave me a copy of the readings. I don't really understand them all, but he said it was all normal. He said I do not have pulmonary hypertension or fibrosis in my lungs. He said I may have mind asthma and sent me home on mild steroid inhailors. My treadmill showed that my 110/60 BP went to 206/60 after 9 minutes of exertion. My rythmn was normal. My shortness of breath has been slowly progressing to happen with less and less effort. I feel like I'm looking like a hypocondriac to my general doctor/ maybe even my husband. Can you tell me how you got such a clear diagnosis of chest/diaphram muscle weakness? I am in such a scarey place of limbo right now. I know my body. I WANT there to be nothing going on.. Besides Hashimotos I have tight hands with a couple of trigger fingers (told I could just get a couple of short of cortisone and be fixed right up...) I am weak and have had joint pain in my knees and hips. I am scheduled to see the endocrinologist new at the end of December. This is taking so long and I want to believe I just have mild asthma..... Sorry to put so much out there, but I feel like I so relate to what Denelle is going through and what you have experienced. Janey, who diagnosed your polymyositis? What specialist?... I am just lost. Sorry , Connie
  4. Sharon, I am keeping you and your son in my thoughts. It will be good to see your posting updating us about his diagnosis. I'm hoping everything will be fine. There really are so many medical problems that are treatable and cureable and new breakthroughs every day. Hang in there. Connie
  5. Hi Everyone. My name is Constance (Connie) and I am just now going through diagnosis. I am 53 years old and I already know I have Pulmonary Hypertension. My treadmill test showed a BP of 209/60 when I finshed it. I have Shortness of Breath with most any exertion. I have one hand that has a couple of trigger fingers to it and a couple of deformed knuckles now. My hand feels tight and swollen a lot. I have been diagnosed last year with Hashimotos Disease. This is all so upsetting for me. I am afraid by most everything I read. I am seeing a pulmonologist Thurs.. He probably will order some kind of a CT scan to look at my lungs. Yestrerday I had an eco of my heart and haven't heard the results. My guess is that I have systemic scleroderma. I feel like I really need a support group around this. I live in Santa Rosa, California. Well, thanks for letting me air my fears at what is only now unfolding for me. I just wish there was a simple blood test to tell me what I have, NOW.... I so appreciate any thoughts and comments and just the fellowship will help. I had never even heard of any of this before so I am kinda shocky about it all..... :(
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