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  1. danceswithcats

    Severe Leg Pain And Hip Pain

    I tell ya' ladies, this humidity does not help.
  2. danceswithcats

    Severe Leg Pain And Hip Pain

    Peggy have you tried physical therapy at all? I do much better when I'm in PT. None of those pain pills work at all for my hip pain, they just make me drowsy and they trigger a fibromyalgia flare, so the only thing I use is Tylenol and hot patches or the ointment and a heating pad as well. Does help, somewhat. Wish you luck!
  3. danceswithcats

    Stem Cell Transplant Update

    YAY!!! Excellent news, Peanut!!! I'm so glad for you. Whew.
  4. danceswithcats

    Esophagus Problems

    jefa why do you say stay away from the fizzy indigestion remedies? I have an Alka Seltzer every night or I wouldn't even be able to lay down sitting up at all!
  5. danceswithcats

    Social Security Disability Approved!

    YAY Peggy!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I applied back in '92 and it took 5 years and a lawyer and an appeal ... things have changed since then. Best of luck!!
  6. danceswithcats

    Esophagus Problems

    Hello and Welcome SD53! I've had some real bad times with this and have found that sometimes I just have to eat very mild meals for days to calm the thing down, no tomato sauce, no spices, etc etc. as has been cited and then I also find that Alka Seltzer really helps too. I take Omeprazole (generic for Nexium) twice a day, Carafate Suspension (really helps) and Tums too when it's bad. My sister gets the reflux real bad on occasion too but for her the only thing that works is the Gaviscon or Mylanta. We're all so different. Just keep trying the different OTC ones, as your dr says you can, until you find the one that works for you. Just be aware that the Alka Seltzer has aspirin and so if you're not allowed to take aspirin, skip that one. I also sleep sitting pretty much straight up using a foam wedge and lots of pillows. Good luck!
  7. danceswithcats

    Stem Cell Transplant Update

    Not good news, Peanut! I'm so sorry to hear! Oh, them 'business professionals'! in other words, Bean Counters!! Took 2 years for Dr. Ahearn to fight for my insurance company to pay for the Tracleer but now I get that every month (and the stuff costs $4,000 for every 30 day supply!!!!) so ... don't give up hope! You're in my thoughts! You're such a delightful, wonderful person and this stress on you is so unfair ... let's hope for a quick, positive resolution! Soft hugs!!!
  8. danceswithcats

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

    The only thing I know about them is that when I was going regularly to the Wound Care Center, they used them regularly. When I asked the doctors about it they said the same thing, that it promotes healing. Can't say if it helps with SD. Suppose it can't hurt, if you're covered for the procedure with your insurance and it won't cost you, what's the harm?
  9. danceswithcats

    The Movie "For Hope"

    Margaret & Gareth Oh yeah. When I was first diagnosed, I was told I'd be dead in 8 years. That was 10 years ago and my doctors now tell me I'm gonna' be an old lady with grey hair long before the SD gets me! LOL
  10. danceswithcats

    The Movie "For Hope"

    I have seen it. I rented it when I first was told that I have SD and it scared me half to death. I wouldn't recommend it. As has been said, it shows an extremely fast progression of the disease, and it's based on very old (now) treatments and prognosis. Thumbs down here.
  11. danceswithcats

    Adrenal Adenoma

    Never heard of the thing before you mentioned it and don't know nuthin' LOL. Good luck with it! Don't leap to horrible conclusions and worry yourself to death over it ... put it on the back burner until you see the doctor and can learn what it means specifically for you! With SD it's good to learn the Back Burner Skill ... they're always giving us edgy news and saying 'see you in 6 weeks and then I'll let you know!' LOL
  12. danceswithcats

    Prescription Costs

    Lizzie thanks for clearing that up. I wondered about that. Didn't sound right.
  13. danceswithcats

    Prescription Costs

    Tru and Peanut ... yes it is a great idea! For years I'd had medicines that , you know , dr. gives you this new medication to try and for one reason or another, you can't use it ... nearly a full bottle of the stuff. What a waste! So one day I just called all around and bugged everybody till I found someplace that could use the stuff. I didn't know about cystic fibrosis ! Will check with them, too!
  14. danceswithcats

    Prescription Costs

    Oh my goodness! That's an incredible cost! I'd be on the phone calling around to see who has it cheaper, you'd be shocked at the difference in prescription drug costs from one pharmacy to the next. And it could save Medicare if there is a difference. I'm on Long Term Care, public funding thru Medicare so I don't have any costs at all, Thank Goodness!! but I still call around and make sure that Medicare isn't charged the most expensive cost. My Tracleer costs $4,000 for a 30 day supply and there is no other source for it than the one by mail pharmacy. Amazing. What would I do if I weren't covered? I'd do without, I'm sure. There is a place in town where you can bring any prescriptions that you find you can't use and as long as they aren't expired, this organization hands them out to people who don't have any coverage. It's an AIDS patient support center and I've several times brought them up stuff I can't use. (found I was allergic or didn't need it or whatever)
  15. danceswithcats

    "you Look Good"

    Ced this really stinks to high heaven. I'm so sorry that it worked out like that for you with your brother. But you know what, as someone else said, 'some people will just never 'get it'' and it would be better for you now that you'd given it your all, to not bother trying to get him to 'get it' Maybe it's just too difficult for him to accept that you might need his help? His support? And so this is his way of dismissing the entire problem from his life. Shame on him for that. But you can't change him, you can only change how you react to him! I say, kiddo, throw him under a bus. : (i.e. let it go, walk away, shake it off)