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    Hi my name is Rachel, I am 43 years old and just recently diagnosed with Raynaud's (about 7 months ago). So far, all of my testing has shown negative for the other indicators that come with Raynaud's but my doctor is watching me carefully and following up with testing in case there may be "more to come" because I am currently exhibiting chronic joint hip pain (that has not been fully diagnosed yet), low iron and low energy and some inflammation in my blood tests which could possibly point to other autoimmune illnesses. I found this group because I am very interested in managing the Raynaud's. It started initially in my fingertips and now it has progressed down the second joints in my fingers and now my toes. This is my first winter with Raynaud's and I live in Northern Virginia area. I am very challenged with learning how to "stay warm" and finding solutions that work for me. I have also found that air conditioning, slight room temp fluctuations and moving from one room to another, as well as stress (and I got plenty!) sets off an attack. Your forum has been outstanding in finding helpful tips. I am very open to natural remedies, diet (if that can help) and possibly meds that can assist when the normal methods do not work. Thank you for this forum and I will be reading frequently, it is so wonderful to find a place I can get more information on my new diagnosis and coping with Raynaud's. Thank you! ~raelan~