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  1. Hi, mainly the hands and somewhat the feet. Blisters were only on the side of the fingers...hardening was pretty much along the sides of the fingers, and the insides...dry skin on outsides. Palms of hands also drie and harder. Worst affected are the tips of the fingers...almost like hard skin below a smooth and unpenetrable top...no liquid in, no liquid out. Face is somewhat drier in general but not affected. (skin on scalp sometimes also shows scars which have no explanation...). Itching I had sometimes on more parts of my body...but as I had this from time to time always
  2. Hi to all, I finally found a dermatologist who was a former sclero specialist in a university and who opened a new office in town. She only takes self paying patients though....but she takes her time, is thorough and what I found, very competent. She without a doubt diagnosed the eczema that another doctor had done before, but much more arrogant and less convincing. Now, she took the time to go through my concerns and explained why she thought it is obvious and why she did not think it can be anything like sclero. And low and behold I googled and yes, there is a form of neurodermat
  3. Hi, I was the one describing it as superglue feeling. Well it is interesting to see, that most of the descriptions match. The insides clearly are much more leathery and dry feeling and some fingers are more affected than others (some slightly swollen, others sometimes really hard on the tips and if you put them in water, the hard part (I bet skin all the way to the bone rather than normal fatty stuff), strangely feels like rubber when pushed and wet). Fingerprint almost gone and shiny on some fingertips and the normal lines nor really feelable but embedded deeper in the skin still shi
  4. Hi to all, Yes, you are right, once you start looking you certainly get drawn down and find even more...but some things simply are objectively there and there I have to agree to ez62, some of us would have something better to do than being on any forum. Honestly in my life until 1.5 years ago I was never on any health forum...it was simply not even on my radar that anything would ever happen to me healthwise and I was the last to see a doctor for any normal illness or to stay home (even now I haven't changed that so far as I still can cope very well with it). So rest assured, at least
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply. I hope you are right, but then again I do not think it is quite so simple a solution. Clearly I wouldn't be the first where this takes a while...according to some investigations it takes I guess more than 2.4 years for diagnosis starting with first symptoms...and for some people first symptoms even start before they are conciously noticing them as such. For me it started promptly and heavily and then tapered down. So at least the start is nicely defined for me. But I am only 1.5 years into it....and as I definitely do not seem to have a rapid form or
  6. Hi, I experience more and more dry skin on the inner sides of the hands (and between the fingers). One of the fingertips (index on the right) has thicker skin. You can see it as the finger is thicker than the other hand index finger tip...but even more you can feel it (skin is hard on the outside and feels like rubber if you squeeze it). My assumption from all I know is that the normal fat layer is replaced there with skin (the other side behaves very different if you squeeze). Funny enough I went to see one more deramtologist who is actually famous of dealing with scleroderma patient
  7. Hi, as far as I know, it is more a probability thing....Anti SCL70 normally appears with diffuse, but can also happen with much lower probability with limited....(similar to centromer, where it is the other way round). Keep in mind, that this whole disease anyway is very individual and the whole differentiation is artificial up to the point where even the differentiation follows two different schemes (and in Europe again another) and while it is more probable to have more organ involvement with diffuse, nobody really excludes that with limited either...they just move it to a later poin
  8. Hi Isobelle44... what do you mean with "top" of your hand...is that the inside or outside.... There is a little bit of swelling on the outside (opposite the palm) sometimes where the fingers meet the hand and where normally you can nicely see the tendons...if they are swollen (in my case really only very little and very seldom and again right hand more than left) then you see the tendons less...as they "disappear"... But the main swelling is in the lowest part of the digits and again mainly towards the index...the more you go to the little one the less the swelling is...and right m
  9. Hi, please keep us postet, what they find out, as I have some of the same stuff (search for my posts or answers) that you describe...however without Raynauds. I guess here it is not about pitting or non-pitting (at least in my case and yous sounds similar)...the reason for the long indentation is very dry and less flexible skin on the tips..and other parts. Edema in my case is on the lower parts of the fingers...but while it is no soft it is also not totally hard so that you couldn't pit it. However the index tip feels like dead skin....and if you work with something that is dry, t
  10. BTW: Dupuytriens was also a suggestion one doctor gave me a year ago...but hey, Dupuytriens does not change the skin or creat Sicca or like in one case mentioned here cause interstitial lung disease (hey, does that not ring a bell?? Or when is the bell loud enough to be heard...I mean I can understand the doctors partially in my case...but if ANAs are slightly high or I have already lung disease then there is not too much left to make the connection - or is there?) Thats what really worries me...if such cases can not even find a diagnosis....hey, who can? K.
  11. Hi manny and ez62... for sure there is one more similarity...you mention the skin between the fingers...yes, that was the first I noticed, that it is getting strangely smooth in between and as the finger rubbed more at each other (as the skin or fingers were swollen) this more smooth skin felt strange (this was about 0.5 year into the trouble)...by now (1.5 year) it feels also more leathery (less smooth now)...but not just there...also the complete palm and even the first and second part of the insides of the indexes and the same (however less so) on digit 2....digit 3 and 4 are almost una
  12. Hi, I guess some of you may have read my other posts. I am NOT diagnosed, suspect Sclero, have no ANA, bloodwork OK, no Raynauds. Here a short question... I have on one finger a fingertip where the skin feels like wax....(index finger, right hand). The whole skine feels more leathery of all fingers and particularly that one...but the tip of the index finger is totally smooth and feels hard like wax and even if I peel it off (was thicker too and in the bathtub I could peel some skin off) then it comes back as hard as before....after a week or so.... Is this how it normally start
  13. Hi, ez62, I think many things you describe resemble my hands and palms. It started in June 2007 and started with the skin sometimes showing strange red/whitish color (like marmor)...(no Raynauds even up to now). It went on with the skin feeling stretchy more leathery on the palm are below the thumbs (when I typed on a warm Laptop the skin turned very reddish and was very smooth). Same happened to the index finger skin where the Laptop had to operate the trackpad. In July of 2007 the areas below the fingers started to swell a bit and there appeared new wrinkles along the finger
  14. Hi, I am not a doctor and I do not want to scare you. But as far as I understand, the finding of ANA and especially Anti-SCL70 is pretty conclusive to indicate Scleroderma (which kind is not so sure, although with Anti SCL70 it is normally diffuse as far as I have found on most pages). Higher Titters of ANA also happen sometimes with healty people. And supposedly 90-95% of the Scleroderma patients have them (or in general any Auto Immun disease). So having just them would not be conclusive. But the SCL 70 I guess is much more indicative here. There are also things like Scleroderma
  15. Hi, thanks for the encouraging words.... I will see what happens after the 20 days of taking the Antibiotic....and mid Nov. I will have the checkup....and if things have not improved by then I will try to be pushy enough to get some more answers....what I do not get is why they do not finally take a skin biopsy and sort it out.... K.
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