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  1. Hi Im new to this forum and just found out today that my 7yr old daughter likely has scleroderma so I'm doing some research... I sure hope it is something else... but its not just a rash. The interesting thing is that I suffer from chronic hives. My first outbreak was 17 years ago after the birth of my first child. They lasted about 6 months and no further outbreak until the birth of my third child (only after my boys but not the girl inbetween). This outbreak was more persistant then went away after 9 months or so. I thought it might be hormonal - reducing breastfeeding etc. Then 2 years ago it came back without any baby! and I still have it. Still have suspicions about hormones as I am now 40 and I guess menopause is not far away. My immunologist is baffled but tests show that there is no underlying cause. At this stage no RA shows even though my mother and grandmother and great aunts all have RA. Some I'm sure there are connections. I wish cures for all..
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