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My wife was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma 4 years ago we are both nurses with 2 young boys. she developed pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary fibrosis swelling in her legs along with increasing finger flexion contractures and digital ulcerations. Mobility was becoming difficult to the point where she was finding it impossible to bend and basic daily activities of living were becoming increasingly difficult. Steroids, immunosuppressant and leitaris meds she was on.

We found that the present management was very limited with this condition; the treatments were all based around symptom management and immune suppression. They all just slowed the progression of the disease and didn’t treat the cause. We researched the different treatment options and found what current clinical trials to see what the future treatments would possibly be. Dr Burt’s stem cell treatment shone like a beacon because it treated the cause of her condition and was not just symptom management, this is what we were looking for. Dr Burt is based at the Northwestern in Chicago which is where we went and for the first time we were given hope that Dr Burt could treat her. He is the worlds pioneer in stem cell transplantation for autoimmune disease. His website is stemcell-immunotherapy.com. She received her stem cell transplant 2 years ago and following this treatment have enjoyed a better quality of life with improvement of symptoms and with no further deterioration in her condition.Her mobility has returned back to normal,She know has great energy level, her skin is pretty much normal, lung function and PA pressures have improved, She no longer takes immunosuppressants, steroids and pulmonary hypertension medications. Dr Burt,gave us our life back.

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