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  1. Morning - very useful information as Gareth has been on Plaquenil for 13 years. I was silently hoping it would offer some protection as he also has immune deficiencies, too. Stay safe and healthy, everyone. Margaret Mom to Gareth, 32 years old, DS/ASD
  2. Good morning, first off, we are not doctors and are not qualified to answer many of your questions. I'm glad you're seeing a doctor and hope it's a scleroderma specialist. Your history indicates a lot of unusual medical events that could indicate other illnesses. What I do want to say is that the diagnosis of scleroderma is not a death sentence; there are new medications to slow the progression and treat many of the symptoms. So many people on this site have had this disease for 10, 20 + years. My own son, diagnosed at age 18, will be 32 next month. He's doing very well and has been on Plaquenil since age 18. Stress plays a large part in the progression of many diseases, so try to focus on the positive, your wife and new baby. Take care, everyone, Margaret Mom to Gareth, 31 years old, DS/ASD
  3. Morning Ronald.....I'm in PA, USA, and have been under a *stay at home* policy going on the 3rd week now. At first, it was hard, but we've gotten into a routine. I am the one doing the shopping, etc, since I'm the *youngest* (at 65 ) - hubby is on statins & has blood issues, my sweet aunt Tootie is almost 90, and Gareth has the UCTD and Immune deficiencies. My hope is that since Gareth has been on Plaquenil since he was diagnosis'd, age 18, that he is going to be okay. I had to pharmacy shop this past week to find one that could replace it for the next 30 days!!! That's scary!!! He had his monthly IVIg March 25, so his immune tank is on full. We have chosen to have Gareth home with us, instead of in the group home, until this passes. As social individuals, it's hard not being together, especially with family members and close friends. I miss my volunteer job at a local thrift store, but it's like the one comedian said *we're being asked to stay home, sit on our butts in front of the tv. We're not being asked to take a gun and go into a world war* My cell phone has had a major workout, too, connecting via texts/messages to everyone and keeping up with occurrences in our lives. All of us are pretty boring right now!!! Stay safe everyone, Margaret Mom to Gareth, 31 years old, DS/ASD
  4. Morning Ronald, I don't have scleroderma but do get awful, swollen sores next to the nails. An antibiotic ointment and bandaid (for protection) seems to help with the pain and infection. Some takes day or a week to heal. Take care, everyone. Margaret
  5. Hi everyone, I am scared about this whole situation, not so much for me (even though I'm listed as OLD now!!!) but for Gareth. Along with the UCTD, he's got the immune deficiencies and isn't due for his monthly IVIg till this coming Thursday. I know his immune system is running on empty. Everything has been shut down in our area for the past 10 days, he is with us, but he doesn't understand the situation. I keep telling him people are getting sick - all over the world. He's been to Italy, England and Ireland, so he sees how they are experiencing the same *stay at home* procedures. Please, stay home and stay healthy everyone. My prayers are with all of us. Margaret Mom to Gareth, DS/ASD
  6. Hi Jeannie.....it was 13 years ago this Nov, that we were told Gareth's esophagus had hardened and he had the + blood work for something called scleroderma. As most, I totally freaked out over Dr Google reports and figured he would die in a few years. Relatively speaking, though, he's doing pretty good and enjoys life. He has had his setbacks, especially when they have to do surgeries, etc. He has two part time jobs, lives in a group home with 2 other great guys, and LOVES to travel......road trips, cruises, or flying off to some other country. He's involved in Special Olympics, to the best he can, and enjoys winning ribbons & metals. We read his pain and fatigue level by the facial expression and brow ridges!!! He's good at taking meds, so the pain is brought under control. This site has truly been a life saver, especially in the beginning years when fear and ignorance was sky high!!! Take care, everyone. Margaret Mom to Gareth, 31 years old, DS/ASD
  7. Hi Michelle.....welcome to the forums, even though no one wants to be here!!! My son was diagnosis'd, at age 18, because of esophageal testing and + blood work. At the time, that was his main complaint. He was later diagnosis'd with UCTD, Undifferentiated connective tissue disease, and given the drug, Plaquenil. He's now 13 years in to the disease and it rarely causes major issues. There have been so many medical advancements that reading the web can cause unnecessary anxiety. Finding a good rheumatologist/specialist is top priority. Reduce the stress/anxiety is another top priority. Read the updated medical articles on this site......not random web articles that stress you'll turn to *rock* and die a horrible death within a couple of years!!! Take care, everyone. Margaret Mom to Gareth, DS/ASD
  8. Hi Quiltfairy - I replied earlier this morning but it didn't go through. I'm glad you're okay and didn't hurt yourself. I fell back on my butt a week ago while weeding. Needless to say, the first thing I did was look around to see if anyone saw me do it!!! I have no medical condition - just purely uncoordinated. Take care, everyone. Margaret
  9. Happy, happy birthday!!! I hope you were able to enjoy some little fun yesterday - maybe a nice meal out at a favorite restaurant or your son made that favorite dinner? Take care; we're all thinking of you. Margaret.
  10. Hey lady - I'm curious as to whether your doctors have ever suggested you trying IV Ig infusions? Gareth's rheumatologist was straight out of Johns' Hopkins scleroderma center and said that is the latest trial for scleroderma. It got brought up a couple of years ago, when he was having esophagus issues. Her comment was *he's already getting IV Ig infusions for his immunodeficiency. IV Ig would be the next step if the Plaquenil stopped working completely.* Curious as to if any others have been recommended IV Ig therapy for scleroderma. It may be only a trial test at Hopkins, too? Take care, everyone. Margaret
  11. Hi Janet - one can feel your pain and frustration through your post. None of us are doctors but we do have life experiences behind us. My own son is the reason I am on this site and, like you, he had all the positive blood work, but only internal involvement - no skin issues or Raynaud’s. He did suffer from severe depression at the onset and the doctor told me that the same internal process that is wrecking havoc inside your body also affects the chemicals in your brain. Your brain is a finely tuned machine - relying on the rest of the body for support, especially your stomach/gut. He was put on a low dose SSRI and it has helped greatly. You do have a reason to live. Also, the first Rheumatologist said sine scleroderma, but the specialist rheumatologist said UCTD - Undifferentiated connective tissue disease. This does not mean you're not suffering from internal issues and it can be just as damaging internally as sine scleroderma. Gareth needs his esophagus stretched and opened regularly; it looks like a curly straw from the fibrosis and hardening. It took an additional 2-3 hrs to operate on his neck because the doctor had to *chisel his way through wood* - his esophagus, throat, and carotid artery had congealed into one hard mass. He was put on an anti-malaria drug (Plaquenil) when first diagnosed and has been on it for almost 13 years now. It did help greatly on softening the esophagus and making food go down easier. The doctor said it was a med to *jump start the immune system*, which seems contradictory to what you would want, but it works, and many on this site take it. Perhaps, you can go back to one of the doctors and ask for some trial meds and SSRI and plaquenil. Go in educated on the disease and how these meds may help. Give them this site information - it has a huge library of up to date medical information. And above all - you have a new family of friends here that you can talk to and will offer support. Take care, everyone. Margaret Mom to Gareth, 31y/o, DS/ASD
  12. Hi Everyone. I came across this article "Take a Deep Breath" in my Discover magazine. He talks about doing studies on scleroderma patients, how deep breathing increases saliva, which is beneficial to the body on many aspects we are just beginning to understand. I did google *Pranayama breathing* and it's not that hard to do. There's even You Tube videos that teach you. Take care, everyone Margaret Mom to Gareth, 30 years old, DS/ASD
  13. Good morning, Claire My son was put on Plaquenil, as a first medication, and it did wonders. He's been on it for over 12 years - same dosage, 200 mg/day. Any medication, whether all natural or man-made, can cause side affects. Plaquenil is an anti-malaria drug that somehow *jump starts* the immune system to respond correctly. I'm not a doctor, so very limited understanding of the process!! There are many people, on this site, using this med and have had good results. It may take several months before observing benefits, though. Take care, everyone, Margaret Mom to Gareth, 30 years old, DS/ASD
  14. LOL - I'm sure living in NW Washington doesn't help any!!! You guys have had a horrible winter - nothing but rain or snow, right? I did buy Gareth one of the sunlamps, for him to use when sitting and watching TV - I wouldn't know if it helps him any, but I like using it!!! M
  15. Oh, Barefut - to fill so bummed on Valentine's day. I wish I was near to you to give you a hug and help out. Gareth, too, suffers from depression, brought on by the scleroderma. Perhaps, it's time for a change in depression meds? I once had a doctor tell me the reason there are so many depression meds is because many are tweaked, just a notch, for each of the chemical changes that may be occurring in the brain. Relax and be at peace with your *I don't care day* Margaret
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