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  1. SpaceysChick

    Update on Lisa (Peanut) from Best Friend

    Thanks Sara! I really appreciate the updates. Love you Lisa! Happy to see you're doing good!
  2. SpaceysChick

    Update on Lisa (Peanut) from Best Friend

    thank you so much for the updates Sara. I really appreciate knowing that Lisa is getting better. I miss her and worry about her often. She's constantly in my thoughts, as are you and her family. Thank you again, Sarah
  3. SpaceysChick

    Cyclophosphamide Scheduled

    delk, I really think it depends on the person and how much of the cyclophosphamide you are getting. I've recently finished with my 5th treatment, and looking for one more at least. The day of the treatment I've been fine, no more tired than I always am, except once the zolfran (the anti-nausea med they give me) wears off I start to feel nauseous. but I just take the zolfran again and I'm good until bed time. I usually have a bad night that night, hard to sleep or up every hour to go to the bathroom. but then for the next few days I feel fine. I get my treatment on a Monday, and about Friday I start feeling achey and tired, and then I'm sick for a few days, but my the next Wednesday I'm fine until it's time for the next treatment. Just make sure you drink lots of water the day before, of and the day after. that helps a lot. I hope that you do well during your treatment and don't have many problems!
  4. SpaceysChick

    It's been a while...

    Thanks for all the comments! It was a post that I did on on my blogs, and I haven't posted anything here in such a long while and wanted to update you all on what was going on here. Sorry if it was a little too detailed for some of you, but yeah. I can get going. lol.
  5. SpaceysChick

    It's been a while...

    Monday was my 5th treatment. everything went just fine, and normal. I had the appointment at 9.30. For me this is early morning. This requires getting up at 8.30 at the latest. yeah... so not my idea of fun. especially when I didn't sleep so great the night before. First bag of mesna went thru fine, then got the zolfran, and then the nice big bag of cyclophosphamide. About half way thru I started feeling a little fuzzy. my head just didn't feel normal. not really dizzy, and I wasn't nauseous. just fuzzy. The last of the bag went thru and then the second bag of mesna, and then some saline. so yeah. Lots of fluid. plus drinking a diet cola, apple juice, and a 1.5 liter bottle of water. I'm supposed to get pleanty of fluids the day before, the day of, and the day after treatment, and boy did I ever. I told dr. dames about the trip to Oregon later this month, and she gave me her blessing and was excited that I was finally able to get out and do something. She just wants me to be careful and stay warm. That isn't a problem. She also told me that I deserve to take naps. That with the cyclophosphamide, the lung disease, and scleroderma I'm going to be tired and that it was okay if I need to take a nap or two during the day. It's the way our bodies heal. because of the fuzzyness I called mom to come and pick me up. I went home and just layed on the couch watching stuff on the television. I didn't feel well, just fuzzy, and then my body just hurt. and my skin felt weird. I weighed myself before going to bed. I had gained 10 lbs since I was weighed in at the doctors office that morning. and when I was weighed in there I was 5lbs over what I weighed the previous morning. to say the least... I was retaining water, badly. Had a bad night. just didn't sleep very well Monday night. woke up once to go to the bathroom and then tossed and turned and then woke up every hour on the hour. 8.00 came around and I was in the bathroom yet again, this time to be sick. went back to bed and woke up again about an hour later with a nice headache. spent most of the day yesterday sleeping on the couch. Did venture out to get my car, but then ended up on the couch sleeping the afternoon away, with 2 children playing, a television on, and mom and Chelsea talking. Went to bed... late again. but ended up sleeping for 11 hours. I LOVE being able to sleep like that. I feel so much better when I get out of bed. sure I sleep most of the day away, but woke up refreshed and even changed my sheets, made my bed (the aerobic workout), and emptied one of the 2 laundry baskets that were sitting in my room. Sure, now I have to put the clothes away that are folded nicely on my bed. but at least they aren't in a basket anymore and I feel like I have actually accomplished something today. so all in all, not a bad few days. Have only been sick the one time, and am hoping that I'm not sick this month. but won't know that for sure until next week when it usually hits me.
  6. SpaceysChick

    A cramp in my lip?!

    i haven't gotten a lip cramp yet, but I do get the hand cramps. I think it's kinda cool that you can watch your hand muscle cramp up. but yeah... painful Hope your feeling better!
  7. SpaceysChick

    update from chicago

    i'm sorry to hear that you're in pain. And, hopefully, you're still on track for the transplant. Hope all went well today!
  8. SpaceysChick

    bad cold

    I know I'm probably a little late with this, but what peanut said... I have pulmonary fibrosis and am currently doing cytoxan treatments and my doctor will not give me a treatment if I'm a little sick. So yeah... get in touch with your doctor. It may be an infection and not just a cold, and that is not a good thing!
  9. SpaceysChick

    Raynauds and gloves

    Hey guys! I use those thin dollar store gloves, one size fits all, and then a pair of mittens over that. so my hands seem to stay pretty warm when I'm out and about. Hope that helps!
  10. way to go lisa! I'll keep you in my thoughts. Thanks for doing this with us!
  11. SpaceysChick

    Disability question

    First off: taxes, I don't make enough to have to pay. So I don't have to worry about that. Second: um... oh yeah. I just received a letter in the mail stating that I still disabled and that I would still receive benefits.
  12. i'm with the majority. I'm right handed and my right hand is effected more.
  13. SpaceysChick

    Painful toenails

    I've had an issue with my toenails. They are very hard, and as they grow they curl under. Also my big toes hurt. i've never put the two together, i thought it was just a me issue and have never brought it up with my doctor... maybe I will this next treatment day.
  14. SpaceysChick


    I did the same thing for a while... Then once I was put on a calcium beta blocker they healed up on their own and I haven't had problems in about 6 months. so yeah... *shrugs* keep asking your doctor.
  15. SpaceysChick

    To all who have Limited/Crest

    I have been told that I have limited (didn't know this until a few months ago, was never told this until recently). I also have pulmonary fibrosis, and am on oxygen 24/7