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  1. Hi Thanks for all your ideas and help. I'm sorry I didn't post sooner but my husband went thru a few weeks of being sick. He's better at last and I also am doing definitely better!! I'm not coughing as much and I can use my voice more than I could before, tho I still really have to shut up and let my throat rest and I still sound like a frog. I'm now on just 2 prevacid a day and I have begun to drink tea because I'm afraid to have even decaf coffee as that affects my stomach. Drinking throat soothing tea sounds good to me tho' I never heard of any. Smurfette, if you have any suggesti
  2. Oh, Ann You have a great sense of humor and I really admire your great attitude. I like the Nora Roberts books but I'm a big fan of happy endings. I also like Suzanne Brockmann books. It's light reading that keeps me out of trouble. Just lie back and take care of yourself, especially with MIRSA. Sending you smiles and sunny days... From the other Ann - Annie N.
  3. Hi Shelly I'm definitely getting better, I hope. I think the doubling of the prevacid helped a lot. But eating lighter and eating earlier I think helped. And switching cough drops definitely helped - I teach and I use cough drops like crazy to keep my mouth moist. I still cough a lot in the morning but it's doing better as things clear. I'm really relieved. Hope you are doing okay and feeling all right. Annie N
  4. Thank you everyone who gave me advice. I did almost everything in hopes of getting better and it's slowly beginning to improve. I also called my gastroentertologist who doubled my dose of prevacid for 10 days and told me not to use cough drops with menthol. Only my cat is really happy, tho' I have to give her medicine for her stomach also! Annie N.
  5. Hi Everyone I've been watching CNN to see if I can catch the Scleroderma story and finally I saw something mentioned on the scroll beneath the news screen but didn't catch the time of the show, so.....I went online to see what I could find. I was going to give the link, but I see Shelley has already posted it above. It's a great story. Also still not able to eat much solid food - for someone like me who loves to eat, it's a bummer. Have a good weekend ~ Annie N
  6. Dear Sheryl, Janey and Nina Thank you so much for your replies and advice. I got a prescription for liquid carafate filled and am beginning on it and believe me, I'll be keeping a banana on my nightstand from now on!! I have an appointment with my GI doctor on Nov 13th but tomorrow I plan to stop my the pharmacy and see when to take what between the cellcept, the propulsid, and all the other stuff I take. It's my throat that still feels swollen and raw, so I hope the carafate helps. I guess I have to be even more careful about what I eat - sigh. Annie N.
  7. Hi I need some advice on what I can do for bad reflux. I'm already on prevacid twice a day, only on decaf and sometimes don't even drink that because it can upset my stomach, don't usually treat myself to chocolate, have my bed on an incline, eat soft foods, don't usually eat late at night, don't drink alcolhol or soda except for three times a year or so, and can't think of what else I can do to help myself. Last night I woke up with bad reflux and acid in my throat and mouth. I coughed and coughed and drank water and tried to go back to sleep. In the morning, when I coughed there was som
  8. Hi Norma One thing that wasn't mentioned and helps me a lot is B12 injections. I'm also on iron. Because of sclero my stomach doesn't digest foods well, and when my blood was tested they found the iron and B12 low. They treated me for that and I began feeling better after a bit. I still get tired and have to pace myself, often taking one weekend day to total rest as much as I can. I also will buy prepared foods for dinner once in a while so I can take an evening collapse, too. Naps help alot too. Annie N.
  9. Hi I'm on revatio during the winter. I never really noticed a major change but my doctor says my hands are a lot less blue and that when they do turn blue, they turn pink again faster. And when I do think about it, I haven't had a bad ulcer for two years (yay!). But I think it does make me a little light-headed but I'm on other meds that also lower my blood pressure, so I was happy not to have to take it over the summer. They only want me to take it during the day because I'm out doing stuff, cuz it only works for 8 hours, so to take it at night when I'm under all my blankets isn't really
  10. Hi Sam - nice to hear you're feeling better. But I agree with everyone else - don't overdo. Selling a house is a long process and you'll need to pace yourself to keep your strength. I have several friends who sold their homes and they were physically okay but boy, it sure it's toll on them! Take care of yourself. :-) Annie N
  11. Hi to everyone in the Chat Room. So Sorry!! I couldn't figure out how to chat, so I couldn't even say hi or anything. So hello and hope you all understand. Annie N
  12. Hope you feel better and be kind to yourself and get some rest too while you're getting stuff done. Best of everything, Annie N
  13. Hi Razz I'm coming in on this late but I have found exercise to be surprisingly good for me. And this is from someone who never did any exercise before. My doctor recommended pulmonary rehabilitation and it was the beginning of learning how to breathe and exercise and feel stronger. I walk one hour about 4 times a week - if the weather is good, it's outside, including one hill (ugh) and if it's bad I walk inside with my friend who puts up with my slower pace and heavy breathing. I do the leg and upper body exercises about 2 times a week and yoga stretches about 4 times a week. I
  14. This has been an incredible thread. I feel and felt all the things everyone wrote. The self hate for not being able to do what I "should" do, the learning to make adaptions, the painful telling to my children, the fury at being at this disease's mercy and seeing doctors all the time, the strength to research and try and help myself, the power of a group like this to make me feel so not along, the hating to ask for help and then just asking anyway, the realization that if I let myself rest I will feel better and be better, the appreciation for all days, not just nice days or pretty days and o
  15. Hi Leslie So sorry to hear about your stomach problems but I'm glad you're better and on the right track to staying better! Take good care of yourself. Annie N.
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