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  1. Hi peanut. I have seen my dr and had tests. My potassium is ok. Bananas don't like me. :blush: I have to be careful with meds because of my kidneys. I can barely walk. I have to use a cane. Thanks. Suzette
  2. The pain keeps me up at night. I tried potassium, vitamin E, you name it. Any suggestions? Suzette
  3. Thanks for the nice welcome. I don't know how I keep a positive attitude. It's not always there. Hope to get to know everyone. Suzette
  4. Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma in 1997. I have had problems with my heart, lungs and kidneys in 1998. I am having painful leg cramps now and have to use a cane. My fingers are curled under. SuzetteSnow
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