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  1. I had my wedding ring resized once. Most days I couldn't get it over my knuckle if I wanted to, but it isn't tight around the base of my finger. My high school class ring won't even fit on my little finger. I didn't realize just how much my hands had changed until I tried on my old class ring. Peggy
  2. I take OTC Prilosec almost every day. If I don't take it for a few days the acid is pretty bad. However, the last two days it doesn't seem to be working quite as well unless I have something else going on. :blink:
  3. I guess I am just dense in trying to understand the test results and you never have them with you when the doctors office calls with the results. My ANA is 1:2560 and it's probably one of the lower ones. My dr. said the number isn't that important and that it will differ from lab to lab. I am positive with a Nucleolar pattern. However, my diagnosis is CREST. So far I have RE mild S and T. Skin thickening is mild on hands and feet. Fingers look like sausages though. My C-Reactive Protein is 7.2 which is marked High. My Sed Rate is 30 which is the top of the range. RBC is low at 3.90, Hematocrit is low at 35.5 and MCH is high at 31.9. Uric acid is 5.7 with top of range 6.0. Rheumatoid Factor by NEPH is 14.6 with the range <15. I don't know what any of this means anymore.And my doctor told me these test results are ok and I didn't need a follow up at this time. I would appreciate any help with this information. I don't even know what the SM, RNP, SS-A/RO, SS-B/LA, and SCL-70 mean on this. Thank you for any help.
  4. I tried the parafin dip but my hands and feet were way too sensitive to the heat. I tried to keep it at a lower temp. but I can't do hot or cold on them. Unfortunately, tepid doesn't melt the wax.
  5. I like to rub a cream used for arthritis that you can buy over the counter. I keep a tube of it at work too.
  6. I get a flu shot every year and have never had any reactions nor have I had the flu. I've had two pneumonia shots and had a reaction to the second one. My are swelled up like a balloon. :o Peggy
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