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  1. Hi Mike again, Sorry forgot to say that I'm an identical twin my sister does not yet have any sign of autoimmune, we do how ever belong to one of the australian twin studys and I watch carefully for any studies on autoimmue, I'll be the first in line. Best wishes, Spidge
  2. Hi Mike, Read your post and felt I had to reply. I have had Linea Morphea for 20+ years and I know it was original caused by a hit with a bat to my head (accident while playing sport) I had a wound on the spot that would not heal and slowly over time developed morphea, took years to be finally diagnosed. Recently I have developed scleroderma like symptons and have had many tests (still not fully diagnosed) ANA 400. I have had many problems in the last 4/5 years with gum infections and I have one spot that is a small lump in my gum that is always there but only causes problems occasionally its like my body excepts it. ( I've had many antibiotics) I have therefore always thought that in my case that my illness has been triggered by infection. How to stop it for me, is the question? I think often there are different triggers for different people. Best of luck to you, spidge
  3. WOW... WHAT A WOMAN!!! WHAT AN ATTITUDE! all power to you Best wishes spidge :o
  4. Hi suzette, I wasn&#39;t happy when I first found that the forum would be changing, I completely hate change of any sort.. <_< But now after a couple of posts and a look around I'm very excited and happy about it. Its just a matter of prefering what were used too. I really like the My controls area at the top and I am spending lots of time looking everywhere. I really understand how hard it is to adjust to change, hope u can adjust soon. best wishes spidge :wub:
  5. I'm suprised at how excited I feel! as theres a party I'll bring sunshine and warmth from Australia Hope all that ice cream doesn&#39;t melt.
  6. Was very easy to register just need to get used to the new format etc, looks like I will be spending more time on the computer!!
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