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  1. Hi Mike,


    Read your post and felt I had to reply. I have had Linea Morphea for 20+ years and I know it was original caused by a hit with a bat to my head (accident while playing sport) I had a wound on the spot that would not heal and slowly over time developed morphea, took years to be finally diagnosed.


    Recently I have developed scleroderma like symptons and have had many tests (still not fully diagnosed) ANA 400. I have had many problems in the last 4/5 years with gum infections and I have one spot that is a small lump in my gum that is always there but only causes problems occasionally its like my body excepts it.


    ( I've had many antibiotics) I have therefore always thought that in my case that my illness has been triggered by infection. How to stop it for me, is the question?


    I think often there are different triggers for different people.


    Best of luck to you,


    spidge cool.gif

  2. Hi suzette,

    I wasn&#39;t happy when I first found that the forum would be changing, I completely hate change of any sort.. <_<


    But now after a couple of posts and a look around I'm very excited and happy about it. Its just a matter of prefering what were used too. I really like the My controls area at the top and I am spending lots of time looking everywhere.

    I really understand how hard it is to adjust to change, hope u can adjust soon.

    best wishes

    spidge :wub: