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  1. Hello All, My husband has limited scleroderma but does not have antiphospholipid syndrome. What is interesting is that his brother has antiphospholipid syndrome and has had 2 TIA's. His brother was diagnosed with this after his first stroke at the age of 30 (about 7 years ago!). I know they checked my husband for the antibodies at the time of his diagnosed and I am assuming they were negative but he does take baby aspirin (as prescribed by his doctor) every day. His brother is on blood thinners and has many of the symptoms you described. It is something definetly not to fool around with. Take care, Michelle
  2. Thanks for the article. My husband suffered from hives off and on for over ten years for no apparent reason. They finally stopped and about year or so later he was diagnosed with scleroderma. We thought it might be related. I believe eczema and hives are different. My son suffers from eczema but also has gotten hives due to allergic reactions. Not fun! Michelle (Husband diagnosed with limited scleroderma, Dec 05)
  3. Barefut, My husband had splinter hemorages under his nails when he was first diagnosed. They looked just liked splinters that ran almost the length of his nails. Once he was on meds (Cardura), they went away even though his hands still turn colors almost every day. Michelle
  4. My husband was diagnosed at 36. At first, doctors that he had carpel tunnel. After a few months of this, he started to have severe joint pain and Raynaud's. His diagnosis is limited scleroderma. Main symptoms at this point are the joint pain, Raynaud's and acid reflux. Michelle
  5. oddone- My husband also thought he was getting carpal tunnel. He had already had a appointment with a hand doctor and was scheduled for an EMG when his hands started turning purple and they starting looking at other causes. At this point, only the skin on his hands are thickening. Mary-I think the reason she may have only prescribed the cialis as needed is because my husband has had issues with low blood pressure. He is also on cardura (after trying procardia with major side effects). He blood pressure after a stressful date at work will be 90/60. He was a little nervous trying the cialis (because it tends to lower bp) but did break down last weekend and took and it really seemed to work. I wil forward the information you gave me to him. Michelle
  6. Hello, I don't have much to add but noticed that your husband is pretty much the same age my husband. He was diagnosed last year (Dec. 05) at age 37 with limited scleroderma. The meds he takes are basically to help the symptoms. He is on cardura/(cialis as needed) for raynauds, protnix for the heartburn. He also takes either ibruprofen or naprosen(sp?) for joint issues. Raynaud's is by far his biggest issue...sometimes he walks around for hours with his hands purplish blue. I never found out was his intial ANA was. They did tons of bloodwork at the time along with a PFT and echo. He has had some shortness of breath at times and I think they plan on repeating the PFT every year or so. At the time of diagnosis, the doctor said based on bloodwork and current symtpoms he has limited but sometimes it is hard to tell. What was your husband main complaint at the time of diagnosis? It sounds like he has a lot of skin involvement. I just wanted to say 'hi' and sorry to hear you have to go through all of this. Keep us up to date on his second appointment. Michelle
  7. Thank you to everyone for your words of advice. I did find some information on the use of Prozac for the treatment Raynauds...interesting. This is probably his worst complaint. Even though it has been pretty mild here in Ohio this year, it can be 65 degrees and his hands will turn purple..even in the house. Besides that, his joint pain is his next biggest complaint. (and the tiredness, reflux, etc....you all can relate!) Another question...do any of you have siblings that have autoimmune type diseases. My husband's brother has antiphosopholipid syndrome which is an autoimmune disease. Many times this disorder is found with lupus but he doesn't not have lupus. It has caused 2 strokes by the age of 36. (Luckily fairly mild without much damage). I always found this interesting...I don't think they do! Thanks again for your words of support and I will post when I can..I am in school full time and we have 3 kids that are already involved in way too much:) Michelle
  8. Hello, I have been reading the board for about a year. My husband was diagnosed a year ago with limited scleroderma. He started last summer (2005) with what we originally thought was carpel tunnel. His hands were falling asleep at night and in pain. Then last November he started having severe joint pain which followed with Raynaud's around last Thanksgiving. At this point, he has several ulcers on the tips of his fingers. His internal medicine doctor ordered a bunch of blood work which showed the elevated ANA and he was sent to a Rheumatologist the next week where he got his 'official' diagnosis. He just came back from the Dr. today and they are still trying to see what might work for the Raynaud's. He originally tried Procardia but had a bad reaction to it and had to switch to Cardura with some success. His ulcers did get better. Then the cold weather hit again and the ulcers are back and his hands are blue/purple or white quite often. He tried Nitro Patches when he was out coaching the kids sports this fall but they gave him terrible headaches. Today, she gave him a prescription for Prozac to help with circulation and Cialis to only be used on bad days. Has anyone had any success with either one of these meds? We both were a little surprised by the Prozac. We had heard about the Cialis though. A couple of other questions..Has anybody had any issues with their gums receeding? He is seeing a gum specialist to see about his gum receeding around a couple of teeth. The Dr. thought it could be related to the scleroderma. Also, for those of you that have limited scleroderma...How often do you have a PFT? He had one last year and thought she was going to order another one today but did not. Overall, he is in a lot of pain but takes it in stride most days. He is still able to work which helps keeps his mind off of things. He is also on Protonix and baby aspirin. He has gastro issues from time to time. Thanks for listening and any input you can provide. Michelle
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